The Real Deal Show: Episodes

I will be discussing Chapter 3 of Carter G Woodson MIS-EDUCATION OF THE NEGRO
1:00 mins
Situation Saturdayzzzz Promo
Step up to the Mic with the Black Poetry Cafe. I will be chatting with Mr. D. Lockett. Plus I have some surprise Guest that will be on the show! Stop by Tonight and find out who will be droping in
Lets Talk about why our childern are so
over-weight and what we can do as parents to raise a healthy child
Calling all men to Call in Tonight and get it off your chest. Tell the Women what we really want.
What Do Women Really Want? Sisters Call in Tonight and break it down for us.
Gerald Levert (July 13, 1966 - November 10, 2006) was an American R&B; singer, one of several from the musical Levert family. His father, Eddie Levert, is the lead singer of the 1970s soul group The O'Jays. Gerald Levert sang with his brother, Sean Levert, and friend Marc Gordon in the R&B; trio LeVert. ...
African American Blogtalk Radio Host will coming together on what will be the biggest show ever!
3:00 mins
Tavis talks about Moms and Dads as well as the Healthy Children Act.
Black Poetry Cafe Open Mic Night and we also will be chatting with its founder Mark Goggins about how to make Black America Better
Black Leaders Vs Leading Blacks
James E. Clingman is the nation’s most prolific writer on economic empowerment for Black people. His weekly syndicated newspaper column, Blackonomics, is featured in hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. He has written five books, the latest of which is Black O Knowledge, Stuff we need ...
Urban Mainstream magazine was founded by Shinobi Muhammad, a 29 year old photographer and entrepreneur. Shinobi is of Black and Dominican heritage. A graduate student of Northwestern University, majoring in Organizational Behaviour and Business Law. Shinobi wanted a magazine that catered to everyone. ...
We will be chatting with Sommore from the Queens of Comedy
The Black Poetry Cafe
CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Authorities said Tuesday they are considering hate crime charges in the case of a woman who was tortured while being held captive for at least a week, and they are investigating the possibility that she was lured by a man she met on the Internet
Marcus A. McDougle: The president and founder of the Players First organization, started the foundation with the community in mind. The mission statement of Thre Players First Foundation is To serve underprivileged communities young adults by offering them access to intervention programs that specialize ...
An accomplished singer, actor, writer, director and producer. Born in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Donald began his professional career as a singer at age 17.As a playwright he has written and directed over 13 productions, his new play 'The Divorce' will star Tatyana Ali, Dawn Lewis, Dorien ...
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