The Real Deal Show: Episodes

Interracial Relationships and How it Affects the AA Community. Guest: Ms. Veronica Blakely, author of “I Want What Most White Women Have: A Black Man” and Crystal Washington of the Black Market Exchange
The FCC Adopt Proposal to Eliminate "No Urban Dictates Advertising Practices
Teach Me How to LoveValentine's Day Has Come And Gone But Do You Really Know How To Love
Hang out with the Black Poetry Cafe and let your mind be fed.
Remembering Gerald Levert
Tune in to the Real Deal Show To day at 2:30 PM CHEATER BEWARE
I will be discussing the past shows from 2007 Also some of my plan for 2008
I will be discussing Jim Clingman Article Banning the M-Word.
I will talking with Ebay power selling Mom Danna Crawford and she will give is the Pros and Cons of Sellling on Ebay.
Black Leaders Vs. Leading Blacks
One of the Fastest growing V-bloger on youtube. Will Gace us with her wisdom about life. http://www.youtube.com/barstowmama
This will be a live informational call for a great internet business called Passport To Wealth. To see what the buzz is about go to www.1Kaway.com
The Chinese Connection I was be discussing why in the World is a Chinese Man building the MLK Memorial?
Situation Saturdayz join the "BLOGTALK BLACKOUT" with "The Real Deal Show"! We will discuss the health and wellness situation within the African-American community.
I will chatting with a very special friend of Mine about Lupus and how she deals with it.
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