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A Black Woman Smile
Remembering Bernie Mac Come out and share you favoite clips on Bernie
Bernie Mac Tribute Show Tonight 7PM EST
Real Deal Tease for bernie mack tribute show
"Discover How Two 20 Year Old, Former Welfare Recipients, From The Gang Infested Streets of South Central Los Angeles, Became Overnight Internet Marketing Phenoms."
The Truth about Juneteenth
5 Years ago Today I lost the Best Mother anybody Could Have
82:00 mins
The Truth about Juneteenth
The Truth About Lupus
Running Away From Your Blackness Or at Least Trying To.
A Black Woman Smile
Alright Everybody This is a Hot Topic Right Now. Lets Talk about it!
Chatting with DR. CLAUD ANDERSON about POWERNOMIC!!!!!!
I will be chatting with Farrah Blakely who is a "Romance Consultant" that specializes in relationship enhancement toys.
We will be talking about her book MORE JUSTICE! MORE PEACE! A black person's guide to the american Legal System
we will be talking about her book on relationships
We will be Chatting With Derek Phillips, founder & executive director of Real Dads Network
We be talking about His Book Titled:
The Truth, Because My Wife Said I Could Tell It"
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