The Radio Dan Show: Episodes

<p>Review of Date Night, The FCC and Net Neutrality, Cleveland Plain Dealer gets sued &amp; the box office report.</p>
<p>Palm Beach Rollergirls, Oprah's Network Plans, TLC Continues To Exploit Families, Date Night</p>
<p>Eddie Carroll, Spirit Airlines Carry On Fee, Fright Night remake, iPad numbers, Game Show on a Skyscraper, Godzilla, DVDs of the Week</p>
<p>Celebrity Apprentice, USA Network pilots, Lifty Tape, Bosom Buddies reunion. NBC renewals</p>
<p>One hot hour of nonsensical movie talk featuring the box office report, Dan too obsessed with Captain America?, plus reviews of Clash of the Titans, How to Train Your Dragon, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.</p>
<p>The Expendables, Roller Derby, Charlie Sheen leaving Two and Half Men, More Remakes, Previews of The Last Song, Clash of the Titans.</p>
<p>New York Trip, Meeting Antubert, Light Cream, Gotham Girls Roller Derby &amp; a review of Waking Sleeping Beauty</p>
<p>Favorite cheeses (really), Talkers Magazine, Dennis Hopper, ActionFest, At the Movies, Hot Tub Time Machine, How To Train Your Dragon, CA$H, Waking Sleeping Beauty.</p>
<p>Wednesday night show: Robert Culp, Conan O'Brien to Fox, 3D Hockey, James Cameron v. Glenn Beck, Kevin Smith bars critics, Columbia wants Ghostbusters III but not Ivan Reitman.</p>
<p>Pointless video game talk, big screen version of Laverne &amp; Shirley, DVD's of the Week.</p>
<p>Celebrity Apprentice, Chris Evans is Captain America, Bond girl casting, Shel Silverstein, Justified, Mike Tyson Races Pigeons.</p>
<p>Dan and Jessica talk Palm Beach Rollergirls, review Repo Men, She's Out of My League and Green Zone and do the box office report.</p>
<p>Recorded live during the last hour of the 2010 Oscar telecast.</p>
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