The Projection Booth: Episodes

Danger signal! It's an episode all about Allen Baron's 1961 neorealistic Blast of Silence, the story bad boy Frankie Bono, a hit man who comes to New York City at Christmas to fulfill a contract. He's torn between his obligation to pull the trigger and his heart.
We're talking about Bad Lieutenant - the original and the quasi re-make by filmmakers Abel Ferrara and Werner Herzog.
On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talked to Joey Figueroa about co-directing the feature documentary Milius. Figueroa discusses his early work with Kevin Smith and the challenges of capturing the larger-than-life persona of writer/director John Milius.
On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks to Alexia Anastasio about a few of her current projects -- Little Fishes & Ginger Girls -- as well as crowdfunding and her earlier films such as Adventures in Plymptoons.
A run for the border is in order. We're talking about the Mexican icon, El Santo, and his thirteenth film, El hacha diabólica, with El Goro of the Talk Without Rhythm podcast. Plus, we discuss the idea of luchadores (Mexican masked wrestlers) with Bobb Cotter, author of The Mexican Masked Wrestler and ...
Called "The Ingmar Bergman of 42nd Street," Joe Sarno delivered an usual blend of artfulness and sexiness to the raincoat crowd. On this special episode of The Projection Booth, we talked to Wiktor Ericsson, the director of The Sarnos: A Life in Dirty Movies which is a much a love story between Joe and ...
From the creators of the Harry Knuckles films, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter resurrects the Christian messiah in modern day Ottawa to fight a plague of lesbian-hunting blood suckers. May the power of Christ impale you!
107:56 mins
Mike and Brett are zombies. Somehow, they awake and decide to take a road trip to find Mike's lost love. The pair are unaware they are being chased by a company trying to hush up the zombie invasion. Deadheads is a zom-rom-com with heart.
In the fall of 1997, Projection Booth co-host Rob St. Mary co-produced (among other jobs) a low-budget vampire/comedy called Tainted. Released on DVD, the film is without a commentary track. Armed with a bottle of whiskey, Rob thought he'd remedy the situation.
Thomas feels like his life was stolen from him when he was switched at birth. He lives a life of quiet desperation and fantasy as "Toto le Heros." Writer/director Jaco Van Dormael gives us Thomas's life, the reality and the fantasy.
On this special report, Mike talks to Steve Byrne of the Detroit Free Press about the new Freep Film Festival that runs March 20-23, 2014.
157:44 mins
Smoker tells the tale of Madame Suque (Sharon Mitchell), a sexual terrorist who creates an explosive device in the form of a marital aid. When her lackey (Ron Jeremy) accidentally sells it, all manner of voyeurism and bondage break out.
We're looking at John Water's 1974 film Female Trouble, a tale of beauty, Baltimore, and juvenile deliquency.
For our third anniversary show, we're taking a look at Black Dynamite, one of the baddest muthas to ever take down kung-fu treachery. Our guests include director/writer Scott Sanders and writer/actor Byron Minns (Bullhorn).
99:15 mins
We're rounding out Black History Month with a look at Larry Cohen's Bone, the story of a mysterious visitor (Yaphet Kotto) who tears apart the facade of suburban couple Bill (Andrew Duggan) and Bernadette (Joyce Van Patten).
Burn some cork, put on your tap shoes and get ready to put on the "coon show" to end all "coon shows" as we talk about Spike Lee’s 2000 satire of African-American representation in culture, "Bamboozled."
99:45 mins
We're looking at the 1973 action film HIT from director Sidney J. Furie. The film stars Billy Dee Williams as federal agent Nick Allen. When Nick's sister takes a hot shot, he goes on the warpath for the people that put the smack on the streets.
The Robocop remake is coming out this week so we're giving you a little taste of Robocop past with this music mix that dates, in part, back to our 16th episode. Enjoy!
Jeff Gerber has a problem. He used to be a White insurance salesman. But, now, he's a Black man. Maybe it was too much soy sauce? Either way, it's a brand new world for this suburban bigot. Join us as we talk about this 1970 satire from Melvin Van Peebles.
Can your heart stand a bevy of beautiful women who try to dance their way into the afterlife, judged by the Emperor of the Underworld (Criswell) and the Princess of Darkness (Fawn Silver)?
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