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It&#8217;s been a rough couple of weeks, or maybe it&#8217;s been a rough couple of months; I can&#8217;t remember which&#8230;
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I&#8217;ve always love both bagels and double cheeseburgers. But in recent years I&#8217;ve had to stay away as I watch my weight. ...
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I&#8217;ve spent many years observing people. Perhaps it&#8217;s my news reporting background that makes me that way. And although ...
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Sometimes you have to experience things for yourself without any guidance from those who have been there before. I learned that ...
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Sometimes it’s the little things that bring you great joy. And sometimes you get there is a roundabout way…
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Lately I&#8217;ve had a LOT going on, so sleep has been a premium. And to help me get to sleep, I usually slip on my iPod&#8230;
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Thanks to technology we now have more options in life than ever before. But can we really have it our way? Or do we just have more ...
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It&#8217;s a sad statement about the world we live in, when someone actually delivers on a promise and you&#8217;re truly shocked ...
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Of course you&#8217;re familiar with the old saying; &#8216;the times they are a changing&#8217;. I wonder if that ever slows down&#8230;
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Anyone who came of age in the 1970&#8242;s or 1980&#8242;s knows the 3 words that immediately follow the title of today&#8217;s ...
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We&#8217;re actually talking about something heavy that&#8217;s been weighing me down for a long time. But for a change this has ...
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As you get older it seems logical that your relationship with your father changes. At least it has for me&#8230;.
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Summertime is here. Okay, technically we&#8217;re still nearly a week away, but it&#8217;s time to start thinking some summer activites&#8230;
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For a guy who used to get paid to talk for a living, I can usually put into words exactly what I&#8217;m feeling. But lately I&#8217;ve ...
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I try to be a trusting person, but like most people I&#8217;ve always been leery of big business. And that feeling really seems to ...
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As we get older we can often see our future unfold in front of us. And many times there&#8217;s little we can do about it. The best ...
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I&#8217;m sure by now you&#8217;re familiar with the term &#8216;click bait&#8217;. It&#8217;s something a lot of people on the ...
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Who says that as you get older you don&#8217;t continue to learn? Recently we&#8217;ve been learning a lesson in responsibility&#8230;
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Today we&#8217;re talking fat. Or really, we&#8217;re actually talking about a lack of fat&#8230;
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In today&#8217;s podcast we&#8217;re locked into just one thing&#8230;..keys!
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