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Every so often I look at the calendar and realize that today is an important day. Today was one of those days for me&#8230;
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What&#8217;s the old saying about television; it&#8217;s &#8216;a vast wasteland&#8217;? And you know it&#8217;s bad when the bad ...
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My father always tells me that he feels younger than his actual age. I don&#8217;t always feel the same way, but every now and then ...
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I&#8217;ve had the pleasure of being around famous people most of my life. But recently I had an encounter unlike any other&#8230;
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Since the advent of the internet businesses have started a new way of attracting repeat customers. And at times, these businesses ...
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Now I realize in yesterday&#8217;s podcast I talked about feeling old. So if you understand &#8216;Kevin Logic&#8217; it&#8217;s ...
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Getting old isn&#8217;t easy. I don&#8217;t care what anyone says. Like just the other day&#8230;
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I&#8217;ll admit, at times I get frustrated when I probably shouldn&#8217;t. They&#8217;ve created a term for these kind of issues: ...
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Today I&#8217;m actually talking about a subject that I honestly know very little about. But that&#8217;s not going to stop me from ...
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I&#8217;m a big believer in how the changes in the moon can effect our moods. And I think we&#8217;re in for some BIG mood swings here&#8230;
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My wife and I noticed something very disturbing over the weekend. I hope that it&#8217;s not something that we need to worry more ...
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I can&#8217;t be the only person who&#8217;s frustrated. But then again, maybe I am&#8230;
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The title of today&#8217;s podcast may seem odd, but I did recently ask they question; why there?
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Somethings it&#8217;s this smallest things that are the most important. You might agree with this one&#8230;
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No, we&#8217;re not talking about the old Bon Jovi song in today&#8217;s podcast. We&#8217;re actually talking about bad medicine&#8230;
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Sometimes art mimics life. And sometimes life mimics art. And often they mimic one another in the strangest of ways&#8230;
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It&#8217;s been over 35 years now, but I think they might be about as popular as they were back in the day. Of course we&#8217;re ...
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The attention of the world has turned to Russia as we get ready for the Winter Olympics. I&#8217;m just not sure when they start?!
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I&#8217;m jumping up on my soapbox today. I&#8217;ll try not to get too amped up.
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So many people think that the music business is glamorous, and while some parts are, and some people live in that world, most of ...
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