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-In this episode: Caitlanna Mullen steals a prized artifact and must get back to her home sanction in one piece.
-In this episode: Caitlanna and Marjordan have been called to the Elders' Council for sentencing.
-In this episode: Caitlanna and her group are confronted by mutants.
-In this episode: Cait and her group find themselves threatened by dagbeasts in the middle of the night.
-In this episode: Cait's group travels through Rotted City, where one prick from the toxic ruins can cause disease and death.
-In this episode: Finally away from Rotted City's dangers, Cait begins to have lustful urges for Quinpatrik.
-In this episode: Death and injury greet Caitlanna's group at the dig site. Cait learns a surprising secret about The Mask of Tamirella.
-In this episode: Cait is injured during her first dig shift.
-In this episode: While at the site digging, Cait learns she isn't the only one with love problems.
-In this episode: Cait discovers a hidden surprise while digging. When she goes against orders, she's injured again.
-In this episode: Caitlanna is troubled by a very old artifact.
-In this episode: When the group is attacked, Cait witnesses her first killing. She also suspects her primary has a tragic secret.
-In this episode: A mysterious discovery fuels Caitlanna's frustration.
-In this episode: Cait finds herself in combat against dagbeasts.
-In this episode: Caitlanna gets annoyed when Natjulie asks a favor she's reluctant to grant.
-In this episode: The group learns a shocking secret about The Mask of Tamirella that threatens the dig.
-In this episode: The group anxiously awaits word on whether the dig will continue as Natjulie frets about her brother's absence.
-In this episode: Incessant rain forces the group inside the cave and nerves begin to fray.
-In this episode: A cave-in threatens the dig.
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