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Episode: S1E6: Discernment with Tyler Smith 
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<p>Colin Marshall sits down in North Hollywood at midnight with film critic Tyler Smith, co-host of the podcast <a href="http://battleshippretension.com/"><em>Battleship Pretension</em></a> and host of the podcast <a href="http://morethanonelesson.com/"><em>More than One Lesson</em></a>. They discuss the strong associations between diners late at night and talk about movies; his struggle to stay in Chicago and ultimate move to Los Angeles; his choice between screenwriting and film criticism; film criticism's relationship with the kinds of conversations film geeks have; the impulse to start a podcast, and what it took to understand what makes a fascinating film discussion; how to talk to comedians about film, even if they claim not to care about the medium; his return to his old church in Nixa, Missouri to give a lecture about the film industry in Los Angeles; the concept of discernment not just in criticism, but in Christianity; the power and influence some Christian ideas about film ascribe purely to content; <em>Fight Club</em> and the attitude pictures hold to their own content; whether film reflects the personality of its creators or possesses one of its own; and how much one wants to get to know the personality behind a film when that personality happens to be, say, Orson Welles'.</p>
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