The Lazy Project Manager: Episodes

How can I be twice as productive and still leave the office early?
This isn’t all just made up you know, there is science and history and, if you read the book 'The Lazy Project Manager' a singing bear behind all this theory of productive laziness.
How to find out more about the art of productive laziness - podcasts, websites, blogs, videos and the book
Presentation given (ADV014) on 19th and 20th May at the PMI Global Congress EMEA
How to be a productive leader - smart and lazy
Final considerations for productive laziness and a jolly song to sing
Several theories about dinosaurs and projects
Peter Taylor - The PM Podcast interview with Cornelius Fichtner
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you - The Lazy Project Manager
More about the dinosaur theory
The Lazy Project Manager explains why he is so late in doing a new podcast and he hopes you will all understand
I am a broken man!

I have always said that I welcome all feedback , all reviews, all comments - it is all useful, it will all help improve me as a person.. I have always said that, in fact I am pretty sure that it was last Friday that I most recently said it.
Welcome back to the world of ‘Productive Laziness’, a world that will help you focus on what really matters and still deliver the results that you and your sponsor demands.

Here we explore the often forgotten part of the project, the very end, that point in time that is usually rushed or ignored ...
Today the Cranky Middle Manager (Wayne Turmel) talks to the Lazy Project Manager and between them actually get something done! Peter Taylor joins us to talk project management efficiency, we look at a Roman Caesar who talked a good game and a Greek engineer. Such a classy show…….

Peter Taylor, ...
All about loving Brasil, wanting to love Microsoft, reviews (again) and the wonderful International Project Management Day in the UK
When the lights are on but nobody's at home - this can be a really good thing
The Lazy Project Manager just wants to give you a big hug and say 'thanks' at this special time of year
About being excited in 2010, speaking engagements and a new twitter campaign
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