Episode: Danni Rosner, Live At The Bitter End 
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I met Danni Rosner at the Future of Music Conference during the annual Pho dinner at the Nam Viet restaurant in Washington DC. I had a nice little Jack Daniels buzz going that evening and met her when I ducked outside to smoke a cigarette. She was standing there chatting with someone holding a CD in her hand so I said hi and mentioned I was a writer which scored me a copy of &quot;Piano Actress&quot;, her new album. She asked me if I wanted to come see her perform live in New York and, after checking schedule, I realized that I was going to be in the city that day. I had been wanting to do some video in a small venue anyway and it seemed like a good opportunity to test my cam in those conditions (low light, questionable acoustics). I pitched the video idea to her and she thought it would be cool too. There are supposed to be like 5 million bands on Myspace and so many of them have no video or really crappy videos shot by somebody&apos;s friend at a live show and that is their only representation to fans. A good video can be like a digital business card for a band, winning new fans and opening doors to venues. A bad video does the opposite. I wanted to be able to produce a good, low cost video option for unknown bands without a whole lot of cash and this film and the associated music vids are my first attempt to do that. Danni&apos;s new album &quot;Piano Actress&quot; is available on her website and through Amazon and iTunes. If you go to her website now I am pretty sure she still has at least one free song for you to download. Danni Rosner website: http://www.dannirosner.com/
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