Episode: Show 367 - The Power of Foursquare 
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<li>What is <a target="_self" href="https://foursquare.com/">Foursquare</a>?</li>
<li>How Foursquare is a fun, gaming app  - a search engine that brings you tips and offers!</li>
<li>Do you need a place for Foursquare to be relevant to your business?</li>
<li>How <a target="_self" href="https://foursquare.com/">Foursquare</a> is not marketing - it is taking the pulse of your customer</li>
<li>Ideas for business with Foursquare</li>
<li>Is Foursquare <a target="_self" href="http://www.blubrry.com/engaging/119667/show-110-wait-marketing/">wait marketing</a></li>
<li>How Foursquare fulfills the intrinsic and extrinsic needs of a consumer</li>
<li>How Foursquare does not have to be about pure promotions</li>
<li>How Jimmy Choo showed the sales increase with Foursquare</li>
<li>How Jimmy Choo had people chasing a shoe around London!</li>
<li>How Foursquare can benefit small business - it is true niche marketing within your location.</li>
<li>The first thing to do to if you want to find the power of foursquare</li>
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