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Episode: Show #252 - Intent is the New Demographic 
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<p>A great interview today with <a href="http://twitter.com/typennock">Tyler Pennock</a> of <a href="http://www.ruderfinn.com/">Ruder Finn</a> to discuss <a href="http://www.bizzia.com/buzznetworker/why-do-people-use-the-web/">Why People Use The Web</a>. This article at <a href="http://www.bizzia.com/buzznetworker/why-do-people-use-the-web/">BuzzNetworker</a> was based on the research which found that intent is the new demographic and you can try out their research tool at the <a href="http://www.ruderfinn.com/rfrelate/intent/intent-index.html">Intent Index</a>.</p>
<p>In this part of the interview we talk about</p>
<li>How intent is the new demographc</li>
<li>How understanding intent is critical to engagement</li>
<li>The role of intent in marketing strategy</li>
<li>How 72% of people go online to be part of a community</li>
<li>Are the popular web properites driving community or is the growth from a consumer need?</li>
<li>How the ratio of socialising to shopping is 2:1 in the research</li>
<li>How people are looking for entertainment on the web...but what is
entertaining? With 82% of we users wanting to entertain and 48% want to
be entertained</li>
<li>Is there a blurring between what is shopping and what is socialising on the web? </li>
<li>How 80% of people are looking to the web to learn</li>
<li>How women particularly need a way of personal expression on your site</li>
<li>How socialising can be as easy as listening for companies</li>
<li>The need to create the perception of listening - or aggregate your listening.</li>
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