The Emmitt, Rick and Kellie Show Formerly (Rednecks,Chickenheads & Jagerbombs): Episodes

That's Gay! NOT- Kellie Responds to and advertisement about the saying "That's GAY", Beyonce, superbowl, winter and Beer.
Show that was in the can from the first part of the year. Forgot to post it in Itunes. Enjoy
We are back, after more than 9 months and many changes Emmitt, Rick and Kellie are back in full force. We had an unexpected guest with the woman who use to manage Deja Vue strip club, (hope I spelled it right). We discuss people who can't answer a direct question online, Romney and the republicans can't ...
How to get mercied at softball because everyone is out of shap and hung over.
Emmitt Rick and Kellie are up to their same old alcohol fueled tricks. Trevon Martine is still a hot topic.
Another large bar tab is in store for those onward to Chicago.
The ERK Show last show for the year of 2011.
Rick has found Twitter thickrick09. Emmitt forgot about the podcast. Emmitt does the mess up of the intoduction, Kellie has a slow day at work because the semister is ending. Guy looks like Van Dresen at the gas station. Kellie thinks Emmitt is an idiot. Christmas and new years and Kellie's cookies and ...
35 minutes of fun and laughter with Emmitt, Rick and Kellie
Michigan beats Ohio State
angry Birds vs angry worm, Emmitt is in comman of the burp fest again. erkshow.wordpress.com is the new website for the show. Also visit Emmitt and Rick Show on facebook fanpage. http://erkshow.wordpress.com/
Rick ...
Rick has to run off and there are a lot of people who have had a liittle to much to drin. Listen to
THe week before Thanksgiving Rick is in rare form, Kellie is warming up, and Emmitt is trying to keep up with the other tow.
Rick has sparkles, Emmitt looses his Android Phone in Dalla after getting Very Drunk, Emmitt DJ's in Dallas, People are stupid, Kellie starts picking on people, Neti Pot, Solar Energy, Kellie Keeps Fucking with Emmitt. Solar Power International. Token Black guy. Emmitt Tosses his cookies, calls Earl, ...
Emmitt, Rick and Kellie chop it up about the success and failure of the Michigan sports teams. Emmitt is less clueless lately. Rick details us about his casting couch. Emmitt gets ready to take over Dallas Texas. Kellie is Pissed at Sports announcers on TV.
Emmitt and Rick (missing kellie) tackle the changes that have been happening since the last show(a few months ago. Emmit Recaps his adventures on the East Coast Tour of Lecture.
The fall season is in effect, Emmitt can't connect to the live broadcast and was just having a issues.
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