Directors Cut Radio Program: Episodes

Dan and Becky review Sin City 2 and The Zero Theorem and bitch about work.
Dan and Becky Review Let’s Be Cops and Calvary!
This week we review Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Did it completely ruin the franchise? We also know it wasn’t Megan Fox’s fault.
Our Guardians of the Galaxy review. Is it better than Star Wars? We discuss.
This week we review Lucy. Dan considers it one of his best movie experiences so far this year… Find out why!
This week Brennan and Dan talk Sex Tape and Snowpiercer. Plus Top Ten Sex Comedies. They also chat about the 48 hour film festival and updating Shakespeare to modern time. Check it out all here.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Video Games The Movie Jeremy Snead Interview.
This week Dan and Kristin review They Came Together and Obvious Child. Plus they talk to Russell about Tammy, Chef and Deliver Us From Evil.
This week we review Transformers Age of Extinction and discuss Top Animated Shows Spun from Movies. We also count down the top animated spinoffs as voted on by you!
This week we review Jersey Boys and The Rover, and in honor of The World Cup we count down the top ten movies about Soccer. Plus, we chat about William Shakespeare and how art changes over time.
This week Brennan and Dan talk about 22 Jump Street and Cold in July. Plus they count down the top ten movies with dragons. Also Brennan goes super deep in the world of Blu-rays and DVD’s. They also recollect on strange experiences at film and cinema events.
This week we review Edge of Tomorrow and The Fault in Our Stars. We also count down the top ten weepy movies. Plus we talk hopping vampires and much more.
This week we review Godzilla and count down the top ten movies with lizards or reptiles. Is Godzilla worth seeing in theaters, waiting til DVD, or forget about it. We let you know!
This week we review Neighbors, Blue Ruin and Only Lovers Left Alive. Also we count down the top ten movies with naughty neighbors. Plus Kristin and Brennan brought in Game of Thrones Take the Black Stout from Ommegang brewing and we taste test it live on the air. Also Dan forces the team to drink […]
This week we review The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and count down the top ten movies directed by women. We also try to investigate Brian’s athletic habit and figure out Theresa’s hidden phobia. All this and much more on Directors Cut Radio.
This week we review the new Joss Whedon written movie In Your Eyes, also we review the Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton movie The Other Woman. Plus we interview Patrick Day and Blayne Weaver from Favor. Brennan interviews Frank Pavich Director of Jodorowsky’s Dune. Plus we count down the ...
This week we review the movies Transcendence, and Disney’s Bears. Plus we get to talk with Writer/Director/Editor Paul Osborne and Composer Joe Kraemer of the movie Favor. Check out Favor on VOD everywhere on April 22nd (cable systems, iTunes, Amazon etc). Find out more at FavorMovie.com
This week on the Directors Cut Radio we review Draft Day and Rio 2. Also we count down the top ten jungle movies. Plus we talk about the upcoming Atari ET cartridge dig. Plus we talk to Sean Gandert and Russell Pinkston. All on this episodes of Directors Cut Radio.
This week we review Captain America: Winter Soldier! And we count down the top ten movies with evil Russians. Plus we have Holly Adams from The Man-App pops into the studio to chat about her indigogo campaign. So if you want to donate to her project visit
This week on Directors Cut Radio we count down the Top Ten Boat movies and review Noah and Bad Words. Plus we talk to Phil Hughes, Jenn Daugherty and Matt Zunich from Sweet Nothings: An Indie Musical Comedy. Click below to donate to their campaign. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/421206194/sweet-nothings-an-indie-musical-comedy?ref=liveh ...
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