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Superstitions ... as used in SciFi, Fantasy & Horror
Dead and Loving it ... in SciFi, Fantasy & Horror. But first we chat about new Doctor Who Companion casting of Jenna-Louise Coleman. Also please checkout our recent Studio Episode: Who's Knocking on the TARDIS Door?
Talking about the newly announced Doctor Who Companion
My Top SciFi or Fantasy choices. Here are 10 movies to start you off http://www.afi.com/10top10/scifi.html but don't need to stick to just movies. Choices can be a mix of film, TV, Graphic Novels, books or radio etc.
Top 100 Sci-Fi books Part 2 - From this list http://www.npr.org/2011/08/11/139085843/your-picks-top-100-science-fiction-fantasy-books We pick up where we left off at number 70 on the list (we started at 100)
Cultdom Short Announcement - I intent to hide this episode soon after uploading - it is mainly to forse the Cultdom RSS reed to update and get corrected
Ian, Mike and Dave Scrub in on the final Commentary: Life on Mars Series 2 Episode 8 (UK Series) Pub? Pub!
Top 100 Sci-Fi books Part 1 - From this list http://www.npr.org/2011/08/11/139085843/your-picks-top-100-science-fiction-fantasy-books After audio breakup halt called at 71 on list (starting from 100) To be continued next week.
Ian, Mike and Dave Box Clever as they take a dive into this weeks Commentary: Life on Mars Series 2 Episode 7 (UK)
Just a few hours before The Oscars the Collective make their choice of winners
Dave, Mike and Ian drive around the streets of Manchester looking for some Garabaldi's and a bottle of Lucozade to go with this weeks Commentary: Life on Mars Series 2 Episode 6 (UK)
Ian - The 6th Doctor gives his report on MegaCon 2012
Perry Gerakines leads us on a Voyage of Discovery taking questions from the Collective on our Solar System and beyond!
Mike, Ian and Dave have a Lucozade drinking contest and have to work off the extra energy by running through another Commentary: Life on Mars Series 2 Episode 5 (UK)
Due to problems calling in - topic changed and kept brief. With the BAFTAs starting just after this show we stick to the UK BAFTA awards - and our thoughts on them. Oscars show on Sun 26th Feb 2012
Ian, Mike & daveac grab their car-keys, change out of their tennis whites, buy a few bottles of Blue Nun and nibbling on petite fours talk all over LOM Series 2 Episode 4 (UK version)
Great Stunts in TV and Film and the people who risk their lives to create them. First part inc. a short report on SFX Weekender by tdrury
Ian, Dave and Mike Bang out another commentary, and bang on about Lorraine Kelly wile defusing another Commentary: Life on Mars Series 2 Episode 3
The Collective reviews the UK TV Series 4 of Merlin
After getting Dicky Fingers to crack open our wine Ian, Mike and daveac hide (Hyde - get it?) in the Bank during a Blag and give a running commentary on Life on Mars Series 2 Episode 2
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