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Doctor Who 'The Power of Three' Series 7 Episode 4 Review Spoilers!
Dave, Mike and Ian belly up to the bar at the local saloon when a lone gunman delivers this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - A Town Called Mercy ***There were no "Casualties" during the recording of this commentary.
Dr Who 'A Town called Mercy' Review Series 7 Episode 3 Spoilers!
Dave, Mike and Ian get teed-off when their balls go missing, but whilst digging for them in a sand trap are surprised to find this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
The Collective 'Dr Who Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' Series 7 Episode 2 Review Spoilers!
Ian, Mike and Dave observe some odd goings on at a local tearooms and later at the beach, thinking they might be going mad they decide to sit down and do this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Asylum of the Daleks
Dr Who Series 7 Episode 1 'Asylum of the Daleks' Review
As we get ready for Series 7 of Dr Who to start ... we discuss the story so far
Daleks - should they be exterminated from ... from Dr Who
Ian, Dave and Mike reach the Last episode in Series 1 of Luther and just in time too as the wine is almost gone. But have no fear there is just enough left for this weeks Commentary: Luther Series 1 Episode 6.
Intelligent Characters - Top 25 Smartest TV Characters - starting with this listing http://www.squidoo.com/SmartestCharacters
Dave, Mike and Ian have trouble getting the Piano down the stairs so they stop to have a cuppa and work on this weeks Commentary: Luther Series 1 Episode 5
Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Big Names behind the camera. But first we discuss the latest Series 7 Dr Who Trailer (spoilers)
Mike, Dave and Ian are redecorating the Cultdom Studios but put down their hammers long enough for this weeks Commentary: Luther Series 1 Episode 4
We talk about the sad loss of Mary Tamm before moving onto our topic 'The 10 Greatest Science Fiction Comedies' with a io9 list http://io9.com/5278117/the-10-greatest-science-fiction-comedies
Ian, Mike and daveac settle at the stern of their holiday barge whilst munching on the last frozen meals from the freezer. With cast iron stomachs on a cast iron boat we talk all over Luther - Series 1 Episode 3
The6thDoctor, 7th Doctor, Logan (from The Media Outsiders Call ID: 81865) and KissofJudas gather round the Warp Core to Discuss the Star Trek TNG 25th Anniversary Screening that they attended on Monday July 26th.
Oh and DaveAC is here to :)
Super Heroes and Villans - not their strength but their vulnerability!
Covering 'Planet of the Apes' and all it's sequels Movie and TV (sorry for short audio breakup near start of episode)
Mike, Dave and Ian find a perfect location to record, but the deserted apartment block ends up being a bit rowdy for this weeks Commentary: Luther - Series 1 Episode 2
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