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Dave and Ian stop by Mikes place with a Ouija Board with hopes of contacting Jim Beam or Jack Daniels when Mike gets sucked into an pocket Universe (it happens more often than you think). So Dave and Ian put the telly on but can't shut up during this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Hide
The Collective Review Doctor Who Series 7 episode 'Hide' Spoilers!
With Mike off to Vegas Ian & Dave take up diving, but soon give it up when they realize you can't Drink & Dive. So the make their way back to Dry Dock to dry off and get on with this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Cold War.
The Collective Review Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 (Episode 9) 'Cold War'
Ian, Dave and Mike decide to do a bit of shopping at the local Market when Mike remembers he has to get to a singing lesson, which leaves Ian and Dave to hold up at the corner bar where they stumble across this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Rings of Akhaten. With special thanks to Rion
The Collective Review Doctor Who Series 7 Episode 8 'The Rings of Akhaten'
Dave and Ian get busy looking up actor Bio's online while Mike has trouble with his internet connection, just as they think he's found a good connection he disappears... leaving the Wino Duo to tackle the Commentary: Doctor Who - The Bells of Saint John. Series 7 Episode 7
Doctor Who is back on TV with Series 7B - today the Collective review The Bells of St John. NOTE Will contain Spoilers for the episode
Dave and Ian visit A&E; hoping to find Mike who got plastered drinking some wine when Ian's knee gets injured during a fight over a pair of shoes. Whilst we wait for the Doctor to appear we begin this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Spearhead From Space Episodes 1 & 2.
Lead by Perry G. our topic is about Science Fiction into Fact - based on this Buzzfeed Link '27 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2012' http://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/27-science-fictions-that-became-science-facts-in-2 Note: Some 'spoilerish' talk about Dr Who between 16m and 41m and at 42 ...
News and Feedback episode - reviewing both the Buffy and Angel TV Series not covered due to numbers on audio. Anthony Burdge joins us at the end to talk a little Tolkien
In another of our 'From the Mind of ...' series. Today J. R. R. Tolkien where we focus on both his written work and how later these great works such as The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings have been brought to life in audio recordings and on the big screen.
One day after registrations open for Gallifrey One: 25 Glorious Years (14-16 February 2014) we hear from cuddly Ken on his many convention experiences.
Mike Dave and Ian are still hanging out in the Basement where we left them at the end of the last episode, the wine is almost gone and the bathroom is still occupied by the Cyber Leader... so the boys wait him out by finishing of the Commentary: Doctor Who - The Tomb of the Cybermen Ep 3 & 4.
50 Years of Doctor Who. Today its the 2nd Doctor as played by Patrick Troughton plus we review 'The Tomb of the Cybermen Note: from 13m to 33m there is some Dr Who spoiler talk.
Ian, Mike and Dave are doing some work in the basement when it gets a little chilly, so to warm themselves up they crack open the a bottle of wine and this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Tomb of the Cybermen Episodes 1 & 2.
Reviewing the Classic US SciFi TV Series 'The Twilight Zone' but firstly, following the sad loss of Dalek designer Ray Cusick, we talk about his contribution to Doctor Who. We also talk about the recent sad loss of Richard Briers.
Mike takes Ian and Dave on a road trip in his Winnebago, but after some off roading the lads end up in a dry ditch, so they pass the time with this weeks Commentary: Breaking Bad - Season 1 - Pilot
The Collective review Blakes 7 both as a Classic TV Series and the following Audio Adventures
DM Mike leads Ian and Dave down to the Wine Cellar where the have to roll to see who opens the next bottle, luck would have it that the lads are stopped in their tracks by a Level 23 Commentary: Luther Series 2 Episode 4
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