The Cultdom Collective: Episodes

Today the Collective members name their Top Five Movies ever!
Today the Cultdom members pick their own ultimate Star Trek Bridge crew - topic lead by DarthSkeptical
With Ken leading us Cultdom pays tribute to the Craft of Raymond Frederick "Ray" Harryhausen - an American visual effects creator, writer, and producer who created a form of stop-motion model animation known as Dynamation.
Computers Who Are Complete Bastards! We start with this io9 list http://io9.com/12-computers-who-are-complete-bastards-470182756
'The Doctors Revisited' Review. This week we cover the 6th Doctor as played by Colin Baker
Ian and Dave take Mike window shopping for a new suit, when all they can find is store dummies in boiler suits they decide to take a load off to get back to the Commentary: Doctor Who - Spearhead from Space
Today we discuss a Den of Geek List '111 movie sequels currently in the works' from earlier this year. Checkout the List here: http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/24211/111-movie-sequels-currently-in-the-works
'The Doctors Revisited' This week we cover the 5th Doctor as played by Peter Davison
Ian is back safe and sound in the Studio with Dave after his adventures in Atlanta meeting Colin Baker (and Colin Spaull). So Dave gives him a couple of glasses of whiskey in the hopes he may actually say something.
Dr Who - back to 'The Doctors Revisited' This week we cover the 4th Doctor as played by Tom Baker
First: Breaking Dr Who News - then we swtich back to 'The Doctors Revisited' This week we cover the 3rd Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee
The Collective - without Ian 'The 6thDoctor' as he is at Timegate - review Part 2 of Dr Who Series 7 as a whole. Plus we catch up with any recent news. With Spoilers!
Dr. Rebecca Housel Returns! Rebecca - The Pop Culture Professor - respected writer, educator and panel moderator. This time we focus on her involvement with Wizard World including Philadelphia Comic Con 2013 (May 30 - June 2) We end the interview talking about Doctor Who http://www.wizardworld.com/philadelphia.html ...
Mike with Ian and Dave in tow, head off to the local supermarket to get ingredients for Mike's new passion... souffle!
Ian and Dave go to the Dairy section to look for eggs when they fall into a hidden crypt, so while they wait for Mike to find them they decide to get on with this weeks Commentary: Doctor ...
The Cultdom Collective LIVE review of the final episode of Series Seven: Dr Who 'The Name of the Doctor' (Spoilers!)
Dave Mike and Ian decide to have a bit of fun on the Spacey Zuma ride before getting some free ice cream, but before the ride is done Mike's ticket falls out of his pocket and blows away. While he runs off to chase it Dave and Ian belly up to the Ice Cream Stand to wait and get started on this weeks ...
The Cultdom Collective Live Review of Doctor Who 'Nightmare in Silver' Series 2 Part 2 (Spoilers!)
Dave, Mike and Ian take off up north to a small blue shack on the banks of the canal, unfortunately the bulb in the shed burns out and Mike heads out to find Matches while Ian and Dave get a head start on this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Crimson Horror
The Cultdom Collective Live Review of Doctor Who 'The Crimson Horror' Series 2 Part 2 (Spoilers!)
Dave and Ian go on the hunt for some ointment to relieve Mikes skin condition when they get horribly lost. After hours of roaming around in what looks like an abandoned hospital they stop to figure out how to get back to Mike while they sit down for this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Journey to the ...
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