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Cultdom reviews the BBC special one-off drama 'An Adventure In Space and Time' and The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot
Dave, Mike and Ian get pulled through strange vortices to meet up this week, but are confused if what we are supposed to be doing... is this Sliders or is it this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor
A Studio Report of the first Long Island Doctor Who Convention held Nov 2013. Cultdom members Perry Gerakines, Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge. Hosted by daveac
Special Episode! Cultdom Reviews the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who story 'The Day of the Doctor'
Mike, Dave and Ian have to scarper pronto when Jeff catches them in his front room, but he gives chase all the way to San Francisco. The boys duck into an alley to hide and get back to this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - The TV Movie ..... Hope we lost Jeff!
News, followed by 'Night of the Doctor' Prequel Commentary & Review at the 38 minute mark and then at 2h 4m we Review 'The Science Of Doctor Who' as presented by Professor Brian Cox
Dave, Ian and Mike decide to check out the local cafe in 1963, but they have no sugar for their tea, so they nip across the road to the Dalek Grill only to find the place empty save a huge egg cup. So they sneak into Jeff's place to borrow his TV for this weeks Commentary: Remembrance of the Daleks Part ...
Season 1 of the TV Series 'Arrow' Review http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrow_(TV_series) But first latest Dr Who News & possible live call-in from #LIWho
Dave takes Ian and Mike on a trip back in time to when he was a wee lad, unfortunately due to a timing malfunction we were unable to make it back to the Jurassic Period and end up in 1963... which means it's Black and White only for this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Rememberance of the Daleks Part 1 & 2
Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited. This week it's the turn of the 10th Doctor as played by David Tennant
Comedy Horror or Horror Comedy - The 25 Best Horror-Comedy Movies - http://horror.about.com/od/horrortoppicklists/tp/25horrorcomedies.htm
Extra time wrap-up show for Season 5 Episode 16 - then our overall view on the series as a whole. Thanks to Ken and Mike for leading these two calls.
This week - with Spoilers - we review the fourth and fifth (final) season of 'Breaking Bad' but firstly we cover Dr Who teaser/trailer news. Ends suddenly - see wrap-up show. Spoilers!
Dave, Ian and Mike decide to explore Varos, Ian finds the costume room where people are trying on Bird outfits, Dave finds some vines with unexpected fruits while Mike manages to locate the Jacuzzi. Which is just what the boys need to relax after a long day, they slip into the tub and fell themselves ...
This week we talk about 'Breaking Bad' Season 1 to 3 Sploilers! Season 4 & 5 next week. But first 1h 10m of podcast covers the fantastic Dr Who missing episodes news (slight spoilers)
Ian, Mike and Dave are arrested for stowing away on the space freighter and get shipped off to the Mines of Varos. As luck would have it the quarters they are assigned have Video Screens.... if only they could figure out which button would start this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Vengeance on Varos Ep 1
Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited. This week it's the turn of the 9th Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston
Dave, Mike and Ian get tired of cave life and teleport up to an orbiting space ship.
Ian and Dave make a bee line for the wine storage locker only to find a mint condition Dapol Cyberman. Meanwhile Mike sets up the view screen so the can set course for this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Earthshock Ep 3 & 4
This week we focus on the adventures of 'Enterprise' in the Star Trek Universe
Mike, Dave and Ian go spelunking as a team building exercise (or getting out from behind the PC as our therapist calls it).
Unfortunately some dark figure traps them in the tunnels with no hope of getting back on time for the episode... until Mike pulls out his new laptop and we sit down to record this ...
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