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Discussing all those movies and TV shows where the Earth is in peril from Alien Invasion
An extra Cultdom Podcast fuelled by space and wine
Armed with hip-flasks Ian, Mike and Dave try to calm down a tricky situation whilst remaining sober and talking over 'Life on Mars' Series 1 Episode 6 (UK Version)
With the possiblity of a new big screen treatment of Doctor Who what are the Collectives hopes and fears. Also what do we think of the earlier movies
It's Derby Day, Manchester 1973 and Ian, Mike and Dave are off to the match but have time to talk over LOM Series 1 Episode 5 (UK version)
With Misfits back on UK TV we talk not about this show but about what Superpower YOU would love to have & can others spot any weaknesses.
'Do you come here often?' Ian, Mike and daveac go dancing with the bad guys. Is this Social Commentary? LOM Series 1 Episode 4
From old-style Black and White to Cinemascope to 3D or to IMAX - what's really important is the story
Ian, Dave and Mike make a wager on who will talk over the dramatic bit on this weeks Commentary: Life On Mars (UK) Episode 3
The day before Halloween we talk of ghosts and other hauntings!
Mike, Dave and Ian head down to the evidence room to see if there is any sign of a Commentary for Life On Mars (UK) Episode 2.
With the last ever SJAs now ended we review Series 5 and take a last look at the character of Sarah Jane Smith as played by Elisabeth Sladen.
Dave, Mike and Ian get hit by a car and wake up back in the Cultdom Studios to talk all over the top of
Life on Mars - Episode 1 (UK)
With part 1 & 2 of Series Series 6 of Dr Who now ended we review the Series as a whole.
Ian, Mike and daveac go back to the source of the river in a forest - Doctor Who 'Forest of the Dead' Series 4 Episode 9
With Torchwood Miracle Day now ended we review the series as a whole.
Dave and Mike put Ian in handcuffs in order to make him behave at the Wedding of River Song. It's the Cultdom Commentary on Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 13
The Collective review Doctor Who The Wedding of River Song
Ian, Dave & Mike throw the covers over the counters before getting locked in on this weeks Commentary - Doctor Who - Closing Time.

We would like to Dedicate this Commentary to David Croft, the co-writer and producer of classic British sitcoms including Dad's Army, Are You Being Served? and 'Allo 'Allo ...
The Collective review of Doctor Who 'Closing Time'
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