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Episode: The Computer Repair Podcast – 008 – Malware Removal isnt a joke 
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Back From the dead Ben talks about, 3 new computers one hes going to use for a media center pc, a weeklong windows 7 experience, an update for a listener, in news we have seen a BIG update from from with in Redmond. But experts say the bug fixs wont last, Hackers cracked and released a version the Bata version of Microsoft's Windows 7 SP1 GA, Microsoft sets release date for IE 9 for September 15, 2010, Adobe Confirms a BIG PDF Zero-Day and pushes an update to fix the zero-day, First plane confirmed to be crashed by malware a within critical systems warning computer, and malware writers try to make malware that computer repair techs think are trust worthy, software updates, tech hardware tool, Ben's tech talk about how he removes virus' and malware, and your comments and email.
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