The Brutal Backhand: Episodes

Featured Artists: Blessed are the Merciless, Critical Assault, Dead Superstar, Eluveitie, First Dead Witness, The Clincher, Demon Hunter, Ekotren, Fear Factory, Charred Walls of the Damned, Darque Carnival, The Empire Shall Fall, Fireball Ministry, Barn Burner
Featured Artists: Abigail Williams, Blood Tsunami, Cattle Decapitation, Devolved, Exhumed, Faceless, God Dethroned, Hypocrisy, Ihsahn, Job for a Cowboy, King Diamond, Living Sacrifice
Featured Artists: Liquid Divine, SITD, Pleasure the Priestess, Clan of Xymox, Funker Vogt, Wumpscut
Featured Artists: Gallows, Perspective X IV, Scale the Summit, From the Embrace, Mastodon, RMisery, Slayer, Brainstorm, Liveevil, All Hell, Lita Ford
Featured Artists: Dysrthythmia, Radigost, Genitorturers, From Dissension, Cataract, Brutal Intent, Before the Fall, Fueled By Fire, Endever, Bleed, Neaera, Neuraxis
Featured Artists: Nile, Cydocore, Amon Amarth, Global Decay, Born of Osiris, Halcyon Way, Dichotic, Ghord
Let Our Power Combine…. Form of a Chatroom. Download Featured Hosts: This is a very special episode where members of the TLP network team up for the first time to talk about CDs and the record industry’s shift to digital media. Joining Rog on this episode is Jimi Lee from Indie Radio Chattanooga, ...
Featured Artists: Concrete Grip, Throwdown, Halford, Loom, Gaza, Shrinebuilder, Rough Roosters, Paul Gilbret and Freddie Nelson, Full Scale Riot, August Burns Red, In The Wake
Featured Artists: 3, Serpenthia, Poisonblack, Alkemyst, Old Mans Child, OFACTT, Kult of Thorn, The Red Chord, Nevelheim, Nachtmystium, Born of Sin, Venesection
Featured Artists: Living Colour, Guilt Machine, Steelheart, Scale the Summit, Lye By Mistake, The Sign of the Southern Cross, Between the Buried and Me, Litmus, Chokeslam, Clutch, For the Wait
Featured Artists: Primordial, Nailed Shut, Neither, Tempest, Inhale Exhale, Black Hole
Featured Interview: Neither
Featured Artists: Displacement, Immortal, King Diamond, Black Cobra, Gwar, The Red Chord, Skeleton Witch, The Black Dahlia Murder, Horse the Band, Oh Sleeper, Cyrstal Wall
This week I displace you with my cone of hatred.
Featured Artists: Ensiferum, Born of Osiris, Valkyrja, Job for a Cowboy, Vader, Cthnonic, Anaal Nathrakh, Behemoth, Bring Me The Horizon, Animals as Leaders, Pelican
Featured Artists: A Kiss Could Be Deadly, Informatik, KMFDM, SeasonsLost, Wumpscut
Featured Artists: My Dying Bride, Naglfar, Murder Manifest, Mortifier, Nevelheim, Cellpan, God Dethroned, Havok, Nachtmystium, Demon Crusher, Dead Rising
Featured Artists: Paradox, Telling on Trixie, Great White, The Living Suns, Exemption, WiCKED STiTCH, Blessed by a Broken Heart, Across Five Aprils, Once Nothing, In the Clear, Heirs, Everyone But Pete, A.Z.
Featured Artists: Sunn, Pillory, JACQ, Strapping Young Lad, Gasher G.14, The Blackest Blood, Gorgasm, Oceano, The Death of Bob White
Featured Artists: Imbolg, Juno Reactor, KMFDM, The Birthday Massacre, Cesium 137, Soman
Featured Artists: Ekotren, Agraceful, Sworn Enemy, Tank, In Transformation, Sonic Syndicate, Sister Sin, Queensryche, Sex And Violins, Evil Inside
Featured Artists: Cannibal Corpse, Fear My Thoughts, Vier, The Absence, Kalakai, Plague of Shadows, The Ghost Inside, StabWounD, Mesentery, Wykked Wytch, Feeding the Foxes
Featured Interview: Kalakai
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