The BreadCast: Episodes

O messengers of God
sent to protect and guide
we poor humans
on our way to the heavenly kingdom,
you whom He in His grace and wisdom
has appointed to carry us home,
lest we dash our foot against a stone –
keep us ever in the way of the Lord;
stay close to us,
remaining always at our side,
for we ...
(Job 19:21-27;   Ps.27:7-9,13-14;   Lk.10:1-12)
“I know that my Vindicator lives,
and that He will at last stand forth upon the dust.”
“The hand of God has struck me!” Job exclaims as he begs pity from his friends who “hound [him] as though ...
O little flower of Jesus,
with great innocence and humility
you loved the Lord
and prayed for His Church
and especially His priests;
in all the little things of your day
you gave yourself to God’s service,
and so your work reached
to the ends of the earth –
shower roses upon us from above,
where ...
(Job 9:1-12,14-16;   Ps.88:3,10-15;   Lk.9:57-62) 
“Why, O Lord, do you reject me;
why hide from me your face?”
The cry of our psalmist certainly reflects that of Job, who in his travails asks, “How can a man be justified before God?” who realizes that ...
O great interpreter of holy Scripture,
seeking the wisdom and power of God
you listened
to what the Lord says
in His Word
and so served to dispel
ignorance of Christ;
from your hermitage you came
to serve the Church just so,
to enlighten the minds of the faithful –
pray the Lord shall send forth ...
(Job 3:1-3,11-17,20-23;   Ps.88:2-8;   Lk.9:51-56)
“My soul is surfeited with troubles
and my life draws near to the netherworld.”
After sitting in silence seven days, scraping the boils from his skin, finally, “Job opened his mouth and cursed his day.”  ...
O mighty messengers of the Lord,
ministers of His will,
bringing His word and His power
to all poor souls on earth,
you serve to lead us unto Heaven…
you who do the bidding of God,
you who are first among those
who stand around His throne
and sing His praise,
you who are so faithful
in defending ...
(Dn7:9-10,13-14 or Rv.12:7-12;   Ps.138:1-5;   Jn.1:47-51
I shall treat of both first readings)
“You shall see the sky opened and the angels of God
ascending and descending on the Son of Man.”
And who shall see such visions?  He whose own vision is pure, ...
O simple and devout layman,
husband and father and clerk,
suddenly you were forced to flee
your homeland and family
with your missionary companions,
but death for the faith
each one of you met
without wavering
upon disembarking in a foreign land –
pray, O blessed martyrs,
our faith shall be strong ...
O faithful ruler
whose devotion served
to bring your death,
though you loved all your subjects,
caring especially for the poor,
and loved God and His Church above all,
your care and your faith
caused you to be killed
by those so jealous and selfish –
pray for us, good king,
and for the rulers in ...
 (Ez.18:25-28;   Ps.25:4-9;   Phil.2:1-11;   Mt.21:28-32)
“Tax collectors and prostitutes
are entering the kingdom of God before you.”
Why?  How can it be that such sinners gain such privilege, such grace?  Is it for their sins?  ...
O blessed help of the poor,
slave to widows and orphans
and all those most outcast
and in need,
the least of Christ’s brothers
you indeed gave your life to serve,
completely spending yourself
in their assistance
and leading your own brother priests
to do the same…
and so Christ Himself you ...
(Ec.11:9-12:8;   Ps.90:1,3-6,12-14,17;   Lk.9:43-45)
“The dust returns to the earth as it once was,
and the life breath returns to God who gave it.”
“As a watch of the night” is our life, passing unnoticed while souls slumber.  “You ...
O highly honored martyrs
whose tomb drew many pilgrims
and brought about many miracles,
you laid down your lives as one in the Lord,
taking up His bitter and saving cup
of suffering
all for your faith in Him and His Church,
and so, precious in His sight
was your death in His name –
from beyond ...
(Ec.3:1-11;   Ps.144:1-4;   Lk.9:18-22)
“He has made everything appropriate to its time,
and has put the timeless into their hearts.”
Yes, “there is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens”; and there is ...
(Ec.1:2-11;   Ps.90:1,3-6,12-14,17;   Lk.9:7-9)
“See, this is new!”
Here is He who is “new under the sun.”  For it is not so that “John has been raised from the dead,” nor that “one of the prophets of old has arisen”: ...
(Prv.30:5-9;   Ps.119:29,72,89,101,104-105,163;   Lk.9:1-6)
“Take nothing for the journey.”
How can he who takes nothing with him for his journey be provided for?  Does not such action contradict the wisdom of the king who asks in his book of Proverbs ...
O holy priest
who bore the wounds of Christ
in your hands
and in your ministry,
who served the Lord so greatly
in casting out many demons
in your confessional,
and whom He thus blessed
with miracles of the Spirit –
pray for us of lukewarm faith
who falter day to day
in following our dear Jesus’ ...
(Prv.21:1-6,10-13;   Ps.119:1,27,30,34-35,44;   Lk.8:19-21) 
“My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God
and act upon it.”
Our readings today are filled throughout with one line pearls of wisdom culminating with Jesus’ above instruction in ...
(Prv.3:27-34;   Ps.15:1-5;   Lk.8:16-18)
“The curse of the Lord is on the house of the wicked,
but the dwelling of the just He blesses.”
Light fills the house of him “who walks blamelessly and does justice; who thinks the truth in his heart and slanders ...
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