The BreadCast: Episodes

(Is.61:1-2,10-11;   Lk.1:46-50,53-54;   1Thes.5:16-24;   Jn.1:6-8,19-28)
“A man named John was sent from God.”
Here is the one of whom the prophet speaks, and who can rightly proclaim the words inscribed by Isaiah: “The spirit of the Lord God is upon me, ...
O bride of our Lord Jesus Christ,
in your virginity
and in your dying
you have given yourself
to the Lord of Heaven and earth.
O how like Him you were
in your purity
and in your suffering!
and so how close to Him
you must be
in Heaven –
pray that a ray of His light
might come to us
who ...
(Sir.48:1-4,9-11;   Ps.80:2-4,15-16,18-19;   Mt.17:10-13)
“Like a fire there appeared the prophet Elijah
whose words were as a flaming furnace.”
Elijah has come, to “restore everything.”  The word has fallen like fire from heaven to prepare ...
(Is.48:17-19;   Ps.1:1-4,6,Jn.8:12;   Mt.11:16-19)
“Time will prove where wisdom lies.”
No doubt it lies with God.  It lies with the Son of Man, come for our salvation.
“I, the Lord, your God, teach you what is for your good, and lead you on the way you should ...
O Patroness of the Americas
and Protectress of the Unborn,
look upon our troubled state,
where lust and greed abound,
where thousands are killed in the womb
every day,
where the poor and the rich
are separated by steel walls
and thirsting souls
die in the desert –
help us, dear Mother,
to discover ...



(Zec. 2:14-17;   Lk.1:46-55;   Lk.1:29-47)
“Silence, all mankind, in the presence of the LORD!
for He stirs forth from His holy dwelling.”
And His own stirring forth causes John the Baptist to stir forth, to “leap for joy” – thus ...
O bishop of Rome
who guided the bark of Peter
through difficult waters,
who kept her on the course
set for her by the Lord
even as she grew in this world
from a Church of the blood of martyrs
to one entering the light of day,
of acceptance by the city of man…
you who sought so diligently
to preserve ...
(Is.41:13-20;   Ps.145:1,8-13;   Mt.11:11-15)
“I will make you a threshing sledge,
sharp, new, and double-edged.”
A “worm” and a “maggot” are we.  We are “the afflicted and the needy [who] seek water in vain, [our] tongues… ...
(Is.40:25-31;   Ps.103:1-4,8,10;   Mt.11:28-30)
“My yoke is easy and my burden light.”
How we do become “weary and find life burdensome.”  How we can “faint and grow weary,” “stagger and fall” from the burden of sin and our inherent ...
O humble child of the Lord
whom our Lady blessed
with her presence,
to whom she gave
roses in winter –
pray for us who are not humble as you,
whose obedience is cold
and grown so weak,
that she might come to us, too,
that she might speak a word to our hearts
and we might as children
and ...
(Is.40:1-11;   Ps.96:1-3,10-13,Is.40:10;   Mt.18:12-14)
“Like a shepherd He feeds His flock;
in His arms He gathers His lambs.”
His is the voice which “speak[s] tenderly to Jerusalem.”  It is He who “give[s] comfort to [His] people.”  ...
O pure Mother,
you are she who is full of grace;
it is you who have found the Lord’s favor.
Preserved from all sin from the womb,
overflowing with all His blessings,
you are the hope of our race,
the one created soul most like to God –
pray for us this day, dear Mother,
that we might be ...
(Gn.3:9-15,20;   Ps.98:1-4;   Eph.1:3-6,11-12;   Lk.1:26-38)
“He chose us in Him, before the foundation of the world,
to be holy and without blemish before Him.”
And she is the sign of such preservation from evil.
 “Hail, full of grace!  ...
O good bishop
and wise doctor of the Church –
pray for us,
that the water that is Christ
might pour upon our souls,
especially His chosen apostles,
your fellow bishops,
and fill all with wisdom from on high,
leading us away from all lies
to the truth that is Jesus.
Pray our hearts shall be filled
to ...
(Is.40:1-5,9-11;   Ps.85:9-14;   2Pt.3:8-14;   Mk.1:1-8) 
“Behold, I am sending my messenger ahead of you;
he will prepare your way.” 
And so, “John the Baptist appeared in the desert proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness ...
O bishop of Myra,
shepherd of the Lord’s sheep
who has with a generous heart
cared so well
for His little ones…
all became as your children,
for you loved your flock
with the love of Christ Himself;
their needs were your own –
pray our hearts will be like yours,
that just so generously
we ...
(Is.30:19-21,23-26;   Ps.147:1-6,Is.30:18;   Mt.9:35-10:1,6-8)
“On the day the Lord binds up the wounds of His people,
He will heal the bruises left by His blows.”
“Cure the sick, raise the dead, heal the leprous, expel demons.”  With these ...
(Is.29:17-24;   Ps.27:1,4,13-14;   Mt.9:27-31)
“The eyes of the blind shall see.”
O “that I may gaze on the loveliness of the Lord and contemplate His temple.”  That out of “gloom and darkness” I might be taken, and come “to ...
O blessed teacher of the faith –
may the nourishing waters of our Mother,
of the true teaching of our Church,
flow upon all souls,
calling them to the Lord
from whom they emanate;
like the waters trickling from the temple
in Ezekiel’s vision,
may they grow and increase
as they travel to the ...
(Is.26:1-6;   Ps.118:1,8-9,19-21,25-27;   Mt.7:21,24-27)
“Trust in the Lord forever!
For the Lord is an eternal rock.”
Sand or rock?  Upon which do we build our house?  If we “take refuge in the Lord” and enter “the gates of justice,” ...
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