The Blindcrawler Podcast: Episodes

Tinkaman interviews Dexter about his recent trip to Haiti after the earthquake, and Dexter describes what he saw in the aftermath.
While doing earthquake relief work in Haiti, Dexter sat down with Omar and Austin to interview them further about their operation that cured them both of diabetes.
Dexter is joined by guests some old and some new to discuss curing diabetes. He also interviews two people who have been cured of diabetes by medical procedure. You can bet this one isn't in the obama health care plan. Dexter has also co-written a book with Christine called <a href="http://www.lulu.com/product/file-download/the-darkest-secret-the-discovery-behind-the-lies/17264960">The ...
Blind Crawler.com in association with Unity FM presents an Interview with <a href="http://www.leozagami.com">Leo Zagami</a>, a former 33rd degree Free Mason.
Tinkaman and guests discuss the Climate Gate scandal.
Gain access to Flash content in your browser using the <a href="http://www.nvda-project.org">NVDA screen reader</a>. Also works with Java content.
How to burn an ISO file to disk using Windows 7.
A few tips and new features that have been added to the screen magnifier built into Windows 7 including the ability to switch to a full screen magnifier and more.
Dexter and others discuss personal experiences with Chiropractors. Many thanks to Tinkaman and Julia for the much improved sound quality of the show.
A tip for Mac OS 10.4 and above to make a sound file from a text to speech voice using a terminal command.
Julia is back, and she is cooking bagels and cream cheese this time. Not every meal has to be difficult to cook as long as it is fun.
From forced vaccinations to illegal search and seizures, Tinkaman and guests examine the rise of the police state. Intro music by <a href="http://magnatune.com/artists/blownaparts">The Napoleon Blown Aparts</a>
Dexter and others touch on the Swine Flue scare, and also talk about how the medical industry creates disease as an excuse to make more money.
A discussion about <a href="https://health.google.com/health/ref/Irritable+bowel+syndrome">Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)</a>
In this episode Tinkaman and guests talk further about the in-fighting that occurs among friends and later discusses political issues that effect us in the world.
This episode is a pilot for a possible independent music podcast for <a href="http://blindcrawler.com">Blindcrawler.com</a>
In this episode Tinkaman and others discuss job losses occurring around the world and the state of the world economy.
Dexter and others continue the discussion of Eugenics
In this episode Dexter and others discuss the subject of eugenics, selective breeding and its implications.
Microsoft publicly releases Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista.
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