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This is part 1 of, How to Record Your Voice Like A Radio DJ. Learn about proper recording level and microphone positioning.
This is a special announcement from John Greer, the Blind Crawler website owner.
Here are some handy keyboard shortcuts for accessing and controling items in the Windows system tray.
In Part 3 of The Braille Crisis Andrea gives an account of her experiences when it came to the availability of braille classroom material. This episode also features the song Is This Freedom by <a href="http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/broken-romeo/id5939975">Broken Romeo available in the iTunes Store</a>
This is part two of a multi-part series concerning the Braille literacy crisis. Christine weighs in with her experiences concerning braille.
This is the first of a multi-part series concerning the braille literacy crisis. By the National Federation for the Blind's own admission, only 10 percent of the blind are being taught to read and write. This first part is of Joan explaining things such as blind children being discouraged by schools, ...
This episode has Tinkaman interviewing Dexter about his recent trip to China, and they discuss some of the things he saw there, good and bad. Is China developing a robot army? Are there caves and caverns that hold secrets not known to you or me? Listen and find out.
In this episode Tinkaman interviews Omar, a homeopathic physician. He speaks of some of the tactics big pharmacy companies use to create a need for their medicine. He also discusses some of the threats he has received due to his belief in wanting to help people get well rather than just simply pushing ...
Episode 20 of Stupid Radio discusses recent budget cuts in DLA Services in the U.K. These cuts could cause many disabled war veterans as well as visually impaired to lose the amount of money they are given by government services each month.
This episode is about TSA (Transportation Security Administration) officers who abuse their authority by stealing your belongings in the name of National Security.
This episode explores what happens when child protective services and adult protective services are used for matters of revenge or greed and the amount of miscommunication and hardship it leads to.
Blind Crawler.com in association with The <a href="http://www.jjrn.net">Jammin Jerry Radio Network</a> http://www.jjrn.net presents a review of the Wouxon Dual-Band handheld talking radio
Tinkaman interviews Christine about her cell phone getting hijacked. They also discuss a bit about the availability of the software that allows bad guys to do this.
In the latest funny, hilarious, comedy episode produced by <a href="http://www.blindcrawler.com">BlindCrawler.com</a>, A big burly country guy tells his trials and tribulations concerning mountain oyster potted meat.
Eryn, who is both a Wiccan and Vampire, dispels some of the myths associated with her beliefs.
Dexter interviews a nurse that assists in the controversial operation that is known to cure people of diabetes. She goes further by describing how patients are assessed, prepared and accepted for the operation.
This is Episode 5 of Cooking with Julia.
Tinkaman and John interview Eryn Poss. She talks about her beliefs as a Wicca and a vampire. Eryn also talks about the many misconceptions people have about the Wiccan and vampire belief. Eryn and John also talk about the many internet radio shows she hosts.
In this pilot episode of a new comedy series, John travels to Washington D.C. to interview The President.
Is your current internet service provider spying on you and watching every website you visit? Chances are, they are. Also is your school issued laptop being used to spy on your child? You might want to put tape over that webcam now.
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