The Archers: Episodes

Tom tries to intervene and Nigel springs a surprise.
Elizabeth's feeling under pressure and Joe plans a new enterprise.
Helen stands firm and David proves to be a life-saver.
Lynda's on edge for the first night of the panto, and someone has a close encounter with Sabrina Thwaite.
Kirsty gets more than she bargained for and Tony faces facts.
Nigel makes an intriguing discovery and there's a disappointment in store for Tony.
Chris and Alice serve up a dose of Christmas spirit, but there's a frosty atmosphere at Bridge Farm.
Nigel and Kenton are in mischievous mood, and Lynda gives Helen food for thought.
Alice and Chris make secret plans and Nic has a brainwave.
Vicky is very worried and Tom's on a diplomatic mission.
Tony tries to make amends and it's highway robbery at Lower Loxley.
Helen struggles to forgive and forget, and Nigel works his charm on Jill.
Pat tries to mediate and Phoebe's keen to talk.
Helen is overloaded and Elizabeth handles a domestic crisis.
Fallon's feeling hopeful and Hayley is reassuring.
It's a difficult day for Phoebe and Vicky is settling in.
Nic keeps the peace and Helen considers all her options.
It's party time at Lower Loxley and Kate's feeling guilty.
Kate has some upsetting news for Phoebe and there's a new recruit at the dairy.
Pip gathers evidence while Harry's doubtful about Jazzer's new purchase.
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