The Archers: Episodes

Pat lashes out and Alice is being enterprising.
Chris and Alice are celebrating. Meanwhile Jazzer feels tied to the kitchen sink.
Annabelle voices her criticisms. Meanwhile Pip is keen to help.
It's results day for Pip and Nic counts her blessings.
Brian's blood pressure is rising and Peggy confides in Ted.
Pat and Tony face a harrowing experience, while Brian hears of a surprising discovery.
Things are looking up for Eddie. Meanwhile Chris has an important meeting.
Tom thinks strategically and Nic lends a hand.
Things go from bad to worse for Pat and Tony. Meanwhile Adam gives his considered opinion.
There's a poacher on the prowl, and Clarrie makes an effort.
Pip thinks she's made things worse. Meanwhile Jim does a good turn.
Elizabeth says something she regrets and there's a worrying letter for Tony.
Susan makes the best of the new situation and James is looking for support.
There's a celebration at Ambridge Hall and James and Leonie make a big announcement.
Clarrie comes to a decision and Lilian puts her foot down.
Lynda makes a show of solidarity, and Pat is horrified by what she hears.
Mia gets a nasty shock and it's party time for Rhys.
Lilian is after information and Pat puts on a good show.
There's an anxious wait at Bridge Farm. Meanwhile Alice is job-hunting.
Jim and Christine enjoy a day out while Clarrie feels under the spotlight.
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