The Archers: Episodes

Jim has some exciting news and there are unexpected visitors to the Ambridge book club.
David struggles to let go and Fallon has some questions to ask.
There's a surprise meeting for Jamie. Meanwhile Eddie and Joe's lunch plans go awry.
Kathy needs a friend and Caroline makes a generous offer.
Jamie makes a devastating discovery and Kenton is worried about his sister.
Brian lays a trap and Freddie is feeling guilty.
The Grundys have a day at the races, while David is preoccupied.
Jill and David are feeling helpless. Meanwhile Jolene shares some happy memories.
It's a stressful time for the Archer family and there's a lunchtime rebellion at Keeper's Cottage.
There's a tearful parting at Lower Loxley and Jill faces an anxious wait.
Brian's on a mole hunt. Meanwhile Alistair doesn't like what he sees.
The strain is beginning to tell at Lower Loxley and it's back to school for Lilian.
There's good news for Lilian and a Pancake Day surprise for Fallon.
Elizabeth takes on a daunting new challenge and David is back in harness.
David has something important to say and Lily tries to tell tales.
Elizabeth waits nervously for news and Susan is feeling slighted.
Kenton is feeling apprehensive. Meanwhile Jennifer solves a problem.
David is in demand and Phoebe is having sleepless nights.
It's confession time for Kenton. Meanwhile Emma tries to get into Clarrie's good books.
Lilian finds refuge at Jaxx and Freddie begins to worry.
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