The Archers: Episodes

Elizabeth and Nigel deck the hall and there's a nasty surprise at Brookfield.
Will lays down the law and Pip makes her mind up.
Tony longs for some peace and quiet and there's an unexpected treat for Ruairi.
Ian won't take no for an answer and Jolene comes clean with Kenton.
Fallon and Harry get creative, while Helen asks the expert.
Jill is puzzled by the crowd at St Stephen's and Amy offers to lend a hand.
Helen makes a confession and Jolene accepts a lunch invitation.
Pip is thinking ahead and Elizabeth is on the lookout for new recruits.
Jazzer puts his skills to the test and there's an eventful panto rehearsal.
There's a close shave for Pip and the Grundys have a lucrative day.
Will's on the warpath and Jennifer finds herself outmanoeuvred.
Stir Up Sunday proves to be a nostalgic occasion for Jill, and Nigel is determined to get his own way.
Pat's anxieties increase and Jazzer tries to get Harry onside.
Eddie is feeling confident and Fallon tries to play it cool.
Lilian sticks her oar in and Helen is reluctant to take advice.
It's Race Night at the village hall and Eddie begs a favour from Lilian.
Tom is determined to get a result and Nigel and Elizabeth prepare for the festive season.
There's a visitor to St Stephens and Clarrie faces a big decision.
Eddie plans a diversion and tensions surface at the dinner dance.
Peggy is impressed by Tom's business acumen and Jazzer makes his debut.
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