The Archers: Episodes

Ruth tries a distraction technique. Meanwhile Pip has some intriguing news.
Kathy's treading on eggshells and Phoebe shares some holiday memories.
Jamie hears a few home truths and there's a party atmosphere at The Bull.
Will finally comes clean with Nic, while Kathy offers a compromise.
Ambridge finds out about a match made in heaven and Jolene resists temptation.
Worries mount about David and Peggy has an afternoon out.
Lilian's keen to welcome a new arrival and it's back to domestic chores for Jennifer.
Kenton and Jolene find the perfect hideaway. Meanwhile George is being indulged.
Joe creates waves at the book club and Jolene means business.
Kathy faces an anxious wait and Jill is worried about her sons.
There's someone missing from The Bull. Meanwhile Jolene is worried that her secret may be revealed.
Lynda is quick off the mark and Peggy takes Elona's advice.
There's a very special event at the village hall and Vicky is determined to have her say.
Oliver has cause for complaint and Peggy's little deception is discovered.
Clarrie makes her point and Peggy feels flustered.
Will isn't happy with what he hears and Usha faces a dilemma.
Jolene is caught red-handed and Shula encourages Elizabeth to think about the children.
Caroline's in a bad mood. Meanwhile Lynda has received some exciting news.
Roy drops a bombshell and Kenton sets Jolene a challenge.
Kathy makes an apology. Meanwhile Ed and Emma have some fun at their mothers' expense.
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