The Archers: Episodes

The wedding preparations are taking their toll on David, and Jill makes a suggestion.
Helen and Henry pay a visit and it's a stressful time for Ruth.
Clarrie stakes her claim at the dairy and Elizabeth makes some stragetic decisions.
David faces a tricky customer and how is Harry handling the haggis?
It's a very special day at Bridge Farm and David gets the answers he's looking for.
Elizabeth and the children share a thoughtful moment. Meanwhile Kenton's busy in the kitchen.
Usha tries to be supportive and it's a tense night for Tom.
It's an exhausting day for the Brookfield residents. Meanwhile Lilian seeks some business advice.
Pat broaches a delicate topic and Jim has a bone to pick with Joe.
The pressure mounts at Lower Loxley and Clarrie relishes her freedom.
Jill is getting anxious and Kenton finds his creative spark.
Vicky is game for a laugh and Pip makes a difficult visit.
Jolene is in thoughtful mood and Matt spots a new business opportunity.
It's an emotional day for the Archer family and Shula's thoughts turn to the future.
Jill reveals a surprising secret and Kenton steps into the breach.
There is much concern about the children but will Alan's intervention make a difference?
Vicky and Susan begin to speculate and there are some tricky decisions to make at Lower Loxley.
Shula and Usha put aside their differences and things are stretched at Brookfield.
Jill tries to keep things going, but at Brookfield there's a guilty secret.
Tony reflects upon the new situation and Joe faces opposition to his money-making scheme.
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