The Archers: Episodes

Kenton finds a new friend, and Jamie's leading Marty astray.
Nic finds out what's bothering Will, and Borchester Land try boxing clever with Matt.
Kate causes problems before she's even arrived, and Kenton decides to live life to the full.
Joe's big day has come, and Clarrie keeps Emma's secret.
It's the morning after the night before and Jim fancies his chances for Sunday's show.
Nigel and Kenton enjoy a riotous night out while Jamie has his own plans for the evening.
Fallon's friends rally round and Brian tries some hard bargaining.
Pip makes party plans and has Kenton outstayed his welcome?
There's something nasty in the bird hide at Arkwright Lake and Brian has cold comfort for the BL board.
Jolene and Kathy have a heart to heart and Harry launches an online initiative.
There's an unexpected arrival at Lower Loxley and Joe finally gets the recognition he deserves.
It's the night of the golf club dinner and there's a new crisis for Kathy to handle.
Harry has big plans and Jazzer gets the wrong end of the stick.
Eddie says a little too much and Lynda sets Bert a challenge.
Matt sets the cat amongst the pigeons and Lynda is thrown into a panic.
Clarrie has her suspicions and is it last orders at The Bull?
Brian does some lateral thinking and it's the grand opening of the new bird hide.
Kirsty steps into the breach and Robert exacts an ingenious revenge.
Will makes his point at The
Bull and there's a surprise visitor at Ambridge Organics.
Fallon gets defensive and Kirsty helps to boost Helen's stress levels.
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