The Archers: Episodes

Fallon is feeling sidelined and Josh is at a loose end.
Jennifer doesn't like what she hears and Neil offers his thoughts.
Elona offers a welcome diversion while Harry needs advice.
Spencer tries to keep things together and Emma asks a favour.
Pip puts her business case while Chris has money on his mind.
Jamie waits for news and George is in for a disappointment.
Rhys spots an opportunity and Ruth decides on her priorities.
Pip starts networking, while Ed and Emma have second thoughts.
Kathy is concerned. Meanwhile Kate's got everything sorted.
Nic shows she cares and Kirsty brings welcome news.
Pip has an eye to the future and Jamie tries to get some perspective.
Jamie faces the music. Meanwhile Lynda gets ready to celebrate.
Kenton receives a shocking phone call and Rhys and Harry's bike race takes an unexpected turn.
Caroline is in mischievous mood and Elizabeth opens up to her brother.
It's party time for Phoebe and Hayley comes to terms with her big decision.
Usha has divided loyalties. Meanwhile Emma lets the grandmothers take charge.
David weighs things up and Harry is moving fast.
Ruth tackles the situation head on and Lynda is in for a shock.
Ruth is at a loss and will Jazzer's luck be in?
Pat and Susan come to the rescue and Ed raises a sensitive subject.
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