The Archers: Episodes

It is a moment of truth for Ruth. Meanwhile Lynda muscles in.
Jolene gets competitive, and Jill makes a surprising suggestion.
Ruth is at a low ebb, and Ian needs to keep a secret.
Brian tries to escape, and Alice receives an offer she can't refuse.
Alan mobilises the village and it's all hands to the pumps.
There's an unexpected boost to business at The Bull, and Kenton faces an ordeal.
David leaps into action, meanwhile Kirsty makes a big decision.
Jennifer reaches the end of her tether and Rob wants to keep things quiet.
Helen hears good news and there's a surprise delivery for Jolene.
There's a big attraction at the Village Hall, and the women of Ambridge are out in force.
Jill makes herself at home. Meanwhile Rob makes an urgent call.
Alan faces a challenge and Rob loses his rag.
Tom tries to make a point, and Jill takes control.
Rob has a cunning plan and Tony is feeling upbeat.
Tony fights back, and there's a surprise delivery at Blossom Hill Cottage.
Tom makes his pitch, and Peggy receives the silent treatment.
Jill comes to the rescue. Meanwhile Roy and Tom discuss money matters.
Kenton ups his game. Meanwhile Clarrie is feeling miffed.
Kirsty faces a difficult choice, and Ruth has a lot on her plate.
Rob needs some help and Jolene takes offence.
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