The Archers: Episodes

Lynda can't find Scruff, and Hilary Noakes makes an entrance.
It's karaoke night at the Bull, and Jazzer's in good voice.
Ruth is implacable, and Jill is distressed.
Tom and Rob are of one mind, and Usha's there for Ruth.
Things are still tricky at Brookfield, and Rob can't believe his eyes.
Jazzer is disgruntled, but both Peggy and Fallon have plans.
Elizabeth is emotional, and Mike's on a rescue mission.
Ruth wants some answers, and Lilian can't believe her eyes.
David and Ruth have a lot to discuss, and Phoebe has a difficult question.
David's on a quest, and Hayley makes a decision.
It's the SAVE jumble sale, and David's exhausted with lambing.
Shula confides, and Rob has an answer to prayer.
Lynda takes umbrage, and there's a new beginning for Ed.
Plans for Hadley Haugh go on apace. Meanwhile, Jennifer has some home truths for Kate.
Rob surprises Helen and David makes a discovery.
Ambridge remembers the 1940s. It's Valentine's Day.
Shula has a shock. Meanwhile, Fallon and Carol are getting ready.
Rob loses his temper, and Lilian settles in.
Jennifer stands triumphant, and things get nasty at Willow Farm.
David is on a history trip, and Susan makes a chilli.
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