The Archers: Episodes

Jill's got a worry, and Will needs help from Ed.
There's no turning back for David. Meanwhile, Jazzer's got advice for Johnny.
There's fun to be had at The Bull, and there's big news for Brookfield.
Ian wants a holiday. Meanwhile, Alice and Lilian aren't convinced.
It's the Hunt Ball at Lower Loxley, and Justin Elliot faces the fire.
Emma and Helen have fun, and Eddie give Ed a hand.
Jennifer's got surprising plans, and David confides in Adam.
Elizabeth speaks from the heart, and Johnny leads Tony astray.
Roy goes a step too far, and Ed disgraces himself.
Jazzer takes Ed in hand, and Susan gets short shrift.
Joe gives Carol a tour of the cider shed, and learns some news.
Will's got an offer for Ed, and Eddie reveals his Christmas plans.
Jill is concerned about Elizabeth, and Ruth and David wonder what she knows.
Roy's at the end of his tether. Meanwhile, Joe's chatting up Carol.
Adam discovers the truth, and Phoebe loses her temper.
There's a visitor at Brookfield, and Carol is a good friend.
Elizabeth talks to her sister. Meanwhile, Emma and Helen make a mess.
David and Ruth have a difficult meeting, and Fallon is looking for fun.
Jennifer and Brian are worried. Meanwhile, Lynda takes a bold step.
Jill's keeping busy, and Phoebe's on the move.
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