The Archers: Episodes

Hayley asks some difficult questions. Meanwhile, Rob comes for lunch.
Mike has a crisis, and Lynda has some news.
Hayley's getting worried. Meanwhile, Jennifer wants to help.
Helen's on tenterhooks, and Pat and Tony start to wonder.
Brian tells Jennifer when to stop. Meanwhile, Jolene's got a date with PC Burns.
Roy's got a challenge for Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Helen's making plans.
Ian's not happy. Meanwhile, Ruth is trying to look ahead.
Jill has some news, and Elizabeth is worried about Freddie.
Christine cares for Peggy. Meanwhile, Jennifer lets rip.
Elizabeth and Shula have a heart to heart, and so do Rob and Helen.
Susan's not satisfied. Meanwhile, the fete committee are on a roll.
Helen gets a surprise call, and PC Burns is a bit of a hero.
Tony plays on Neil's good nature, and Fallon loses her temper.
Brian's losing patience, and Jolene talks Fallon round.
David is determined, and Elizabeth tells Roy the truth.
Rob gives Helen a hand, and Fallon gives PC Burns another chance.
There's bad news at the Stables, and Elizabeth's still wearing her festival wristband.
David's bonfire doesn't go quite as planned, and Pat and Tony have a delivery.
Peggy rescues Lilian. Meanwhile, Charlie is educating Adam.
Peggy has a difficult day. Meanwhile, Neil helps out.
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