The Archers: Episodes

It's a busy day in Ambridge - but who's the winner?
Dan's home, and Pat builds bridges.
David and Ruth face the future, while Lilian and Peggy share a moment.
It's a happy day for Lynda, but Helen throws down the gauntlet.
Ambridge rallies to the cause. Meanwhile Lilian entertains.
Jill is devastated. Meanwhile, Will meets his new boss
There's a shock for David and Ruth, and Elizabeth braces herself.
Helen and Rob have news for Peggy. Meanwhile, Fallon is planning a party.
Peggy finds out about Tom, while David and Shula prepare for a fight.
Charlie surprises Adam, while Pat and Tony get a shock.
David and Ruth have some questions, and Brian's got no answers.
Brian can't sleep, and Tony puts pressure on Helen.
Lynda and Lilian go to Chelsea, and Jolene gets nostalgic.
Peggy sides with Rob, and Brian's losing patience.
Challenging times at Bridge Farm, and Rob speaks his mind.
Bridge Farm is inspected. Meanwhile, Jennifer's kitchen is an empty shell.
Clarrie celebrates her birthday, while Tony and Pat have a lot on their plate.
Alice helps out. Meanwhile, Jill makes a discovery.
A surprise visitor at Ambridge Organics, and Rob's getting to know the boss.
Eddie treats Clarrie, and Charlie surprises Adam.
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