The Archers: Episodes

Ruth and David ask a question, and Robs wants Helen all to himself.
Challenging times for Brian. Meanwhile, Chris takes on a major role.
Shula needs some advice. Meanwhile, David gives Ruth a treat.
Tom's very pushed, and Kirsty has a crisis.
Shula's got some questions. Meanwhile, Jill is being useful.
Dan drops a bombshell, and David and Ruth turn a corner.
Brian's on the back foot, and Kirsty discovers an error.
Shula's speculating about Dan, and there's a crisis at rehearsal.
Ruth needs her Mum, and an April Fool gets serious.
Brian's being pestered by Borchester Land, and Dan's keeping fit.
David tries to help Ruth, and Tom's fed up with his Dad.
Fallon is proving popular and Jill attends to the bees.
Fallon sees red and Kenton feels a long way from home.
It is Tom's stag night, but will Ian and Rob bury the hatchet?
Tony is on the back foot. Meanwhile Elizabeth is apologetic.
Kirsty is getting excited. Meanwhile Tom is furious.
Tom and Kirsty are celebrating. Meanwhile Brian hits rock bottom.
Tom can't hide his anger, and Ruth is thoughtful.
Brian faces a stark choice, and Ian pushes himself to the limit.
Jennifer is determined and David has a lot to take in.
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