The Archers: Episodes

Mike can't believe what Vicky's saying, and Susan takes Neil's breath away
There's bad news for Loxfest, but hope takes wing for the road protesters.
Mike's in a quandary, and Freddie and Ben get caught.
Carol's concerned about Peggy, and Elizabeth confides.
Rob's put on the spot, and Burns confides in Jazzer.
Fallon goes shopping, while Jim gets ready for a fight.
Elizabeth tackles Freddie, while Emma comforts Ed.
Ruth gets a shock, and Charlie loses his cool.
Lynda interferes, and Charlie gets a fright.
Ambridge remembers. Meanwhile, Ed goes the extra mile.
Susan is getting desperate and Ed's feeling bad.
Charlie lays it on the line, while Emma tries to comfort Ed.
Adam trusts Ed, and Roy makes a discovery.
Susan's in gossip mode, and Elizabeth gets a visitor.
Hayley asks some difficult questions. Meanwhile, Rob comes for lunch.
Mike has a crisis, and Lynda has some news.
Hayley's getting worried. Meanwhile, Jennifer wants to help.
Helen's on tenterhooks, and Pat and Tony start to wonder.
Brian tells Jennifer when to stop. Meanwhile, Jolene's got a date with PC Burns.
Roy's got a challenge for Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Helen's making plans.
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