The Archers: Episodes

Jennifer and Brian are worried. Meanwhile, Lynda takes a bold step.
Jill's keeping busy, and Phoebe's on the move.
It's the Harvest Supper, and Jill has a confession to make.
David has a big question for Jill, and Lynda is defeated.
Jill confides in Carol. Meanwhile, Jim turns up trumps for Eddie.
Pat can't believe her ears. Meanwhile, Fallon has mixed feelings.
Hayley is in distress, and Jill is bemused.
David and Ruth are out of their comfort zone, and Roy needs help.
Ruth makes a suggestion, and Phoebe talks to Hayley.
Bert's on hand to help, and Charlie's got plans for Adam.
Phoebe loses her temper, and Lynda is inspired.
Henry has a restless night. Meanwhile, Jazzer takes umbrage.
Roy and Hayley get some sound advice, and Johnny gets good news.
Johnny goes to college, and Helen goes hunting.
Fallon faces the consequences, and Carol makes herself at home.
It's Mungo's naming day. Meanwhile, Hayley's laying down the law.
Fallon makes a decision. Meanwhile, things are difficult for Roy.
Joe and David celebrate. Meanwhile Lynda despairs.
Leonie is being high maintainance, while David looks to the future.
Tony's got plans for Johnny. Meanwhile. Hayley is grieving.
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