The Archers: Episodes

Pat reaches out to Johnny, and Charlie drops a bombshell.
Jennifer's on the trail, and the hunt's in trouble.
There are ambitious plans at Home Farm, and Carol's having fun.
Questions are being asked at Bridge Farm, and Lynda's spirits are far from blithe.
There's a disappointment for Brian, and Lynda's got her nose to the scent.
Peggy is courageous, and Rob's the man in a crisis.
Peggy leaves her party early, and Ed does the right thing.
Peggy's off to Bridge Farm, and Ed gives Tony a hand.
Things are moving quickly at Brookfield, and everyone is looking forward to Peggy's party.
Brian makes a surprising offer, and Lynda and Jim are back on the warpath.
Johnny gets a visitor, and there are plans afoot for Peggy's party.
Remembrance Day brings thoughtful reflection, and Adam has a startling idea.
There's a sign up outside Brookfield, and Charlie's got something to say to Adam.
It's an emotional time for Jill. Meanwhile, there are plans afoot for Peggy's party.
It's bonfire night on the Jubilee Field, and Lynda's got plans.
Jill's got a worry, and Will needs help from Ed.
Jill's got a worry, and Will needs help from Ed.
There's no turning back for David. Meanwhile, Jazzer's got advice for Johnny.
There's fun to be had at The Bull, and there's big news for Brookfield.
Ian wants a holiday. Meanwhile, Alice and Lilian aren't convinced.
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