The Archers: Episodes

There's news for Helen and Rob, and Pip drops a bombshell.
Charlie surprises Adam, and Lilian is feeling low.
Shula meets a friend, while Helen is torn.
Eddie gets it wrong, but the future's bright for Pip.
Helen can't believe her ears, and the birds are in full voice.
Rob wants a private word with Tom, and Ian confides.
Pip's looking ahead, and Shula makes a call.
Tom and Helen have plans, and Rob's feeling the strain.
Clarrie is not to be comforted, and Pip can't wait.
Lilian makes some changes, while Susan's onto the gossip.
It's a difficult day for Rob, but Shula's got high hopes.
Ian is wary. Meanwhile, Alistair has a lot to think about.
The Brookfield cows go out. Meanwhile, Shula and Alistair are proud of Daniel.
Heather is heading home, and Helen's in trouble.
Ed's out shopping, and Joe's got a problem.
Time to plant the strawberries, while Charlie keeps Adam entertained.
Glorious music fills St Stephens - and who is that in the audience?
Easter dawns on Lakey Hill, and Kenton isn't budging.
It's all go at the Bull, and Heather comes to Brookfield.
Kenton is assertive. Meanwhile, the villagers count the cost.
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