The Archers: Episodes

There's a crisis at Brookfield, and Helen brings a ray of hope.
Emma makes an offer, and Jill gets a shock.
Charlie needs a bit of help, and Helen is feeling the pinch.
Justin's hosting the local farmers, and Roy's lonely at Christmas.
Carol and Jim go under cover, and Lynda has an exhausting rehearsal.
Alice makes a radical decision, and Pip and Josh have a late night chat.
David and Ruth face the music, and the villagers flock to the Christmas Fair.
Elizabeth needs her Mum. Meanwhile, Carol steps into the breach.
Pat is exhausted, and Alice is despairing.
David is feeling hounded, and the chips are down at Home Farm.
Susan is fighting Neil's corner, and the Grundys have a seasonal job to do.
Gossip is spreading about Brookfield, and there is unrest among the Blithe Spirit cast.
Time to learn about the History of the Turkey, but Ed and Emma have some news.
David has news for his siblings. Meanwhile, Jennifer is on the trail.
Adam consorts with the enemy, and David and Ruth decide.
Helen is worried, and Adam complains about Charlie.
David and Ruth have a big decision to make. Meanwhile, Eddie has a suggestion for Emma.
Pat reaches out to Johnny, and Charlie drops a bombshell.
Jennifer's on the trail, and the hunt's in trouble.
There are ambitious plans at Home Farm, and Carol's having fun.
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