The Archers: Episodes

Roy and Hayley get some sound advice, and Johnny gets good news.
Johnny goes to college, and Helen goes hunting.
Fallon faces the consequences, and Carol makes herself at home.
It's Mungo's naming day. Meanwhile, Hayley's laying down the law.
Fallon makes a decision. Meanwhile, things are difficult for Roy.
Joe and David celebrate. Meanwhile Lynda despairs.
Leonie is being high maintainance, while David looks to the future.
Tony's got plans for Johnny. Meanwhile. Hayley is grieving.
Hayley has something to say, and Lynda brings some news.
There's a family tea at Bridge farm, while Ed's in despair.
Mike breaks the news to Ed. Meanwhile, Roy has to find the right words.
Freddie confronts Elizabeth, while there's much to learn at Bridge Farm.
There's an unexpected visitor at Bridge Farm. Meanwhile, Susan's got the gossip.
Helen's feeling bruised, and Mike's not happy.
It's friday night at Blossom Hill Cottage.
Hayley meets a stranger, and Freddie tells it like it is.
Ed's not happy. Meanwhile, Vicky wants the best for Beth.
There are two doting grandmothers in Ambridge, and David and Jill find something unexpected.
Ruth gets some bad news, and so do Mike and Ed.
Hayley's got a lot on her mind, and Freddie is misbehaving.
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