The Accidental Creative | Creativity, Innovation, and Doing Brilliant Work: Episodes

Do you have a set of practices that keep you steady and on-course? For years I've had a small group of daily activities that have helped me pursue my long-term goals, and today I'll share them with you and tell you how you can incorporate the same ideas into your own life and work.
Is it possible to make a good living making art you love? Lisa Congdon says "YES!", and she shares specific strategies for how to do so in her new book Art, Inc.
We're all familiar with the myth of the lone genius, which states that most creative work is performed in isolation by brilliant individuals. However, today's guest Joshua Wolf Shenk shares research from his new book about how the pair is actually the primary creative unit.
Did you know that Jimi Hendrix once toured as the opening act for The Monkees? Let's just say that the experiment didn't go so well. Here are some reflections on making art for the wrong crowd.
It's important to adapt your rhythms to the season you are in rather than expecting circumstances to conform to your systems. To perform at your best, you must structure your weekly activity by design, not default.
Over the past week I've been listening to Creativity, Inc. by Pixar founder and President Ed Catmull on my morning walks. As much as has been written about the company over the past several years, there is something refreshing about getting insights into Pixar's culture and mindset directly from one ...
We are obsessed with dominant leaders. With the #1. But what about those who are better equipped to be the #2, or the counselor, the truth-teller? Global Vice-Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi Richard Hytner is here to tell us how to become a better "consiglieri".
Ryan Holiday, author of the fantastic new book The Obstacle Is The Way, shares his journey into stoicism, and discusses how we can find possibility even in the midst of setbacks.
If you want to have great ideas consistently, you must be curious about the world around you. Are there ways you can stoke and enhance your curiosity? You bet! Today we address a few of them.
There are three common places where you might get stuck when doing challenging creative work. Here's how to identify each, and some tools for re-gaining traction.
Do you feel a compulsive need to "do it all"? On today's episode, Chris Ducker is going to share how to learn to let go with tips from his new book Virtual Freedom.
What do you do when someone tosses out a terrible idea in a meeting? How you handle that moment is critical in determining the vibe and productivity for the rest of the meeting. Here are some tips.
Steven Kotler, author of THE RISE OF SUPERMAN, shares practical insights on how to trigger the peak performance state called "flow" more consistently in life and work.
It's easy to suffocate the white space out of our lives by introducing too many once-useful, but now useless systems. In order to do your best work, you must eliminate these negative rituals and introduce new ones to re-claim margin and focus your energy.
Simon Sinek, author of the new book Leaders Eat Last, shares his insights into what makes great leaders effective and compelling.
Jocelyn Glei, Director of 99u, shares her career journey and talks a bit about how creative pros should be thinking about career paths and voice.
Brian Clark explains why creative professionals should be creating media to have an impact in the marketplace, and help them achieve their goals.
Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, shares thoughts about how creatives can create value and relationship through meaningful online interactions.
Pamela Slim shares insights from her new book Body of Work: Finding The Thread That Ties Your Story Together.
This time of year, many of us have a bit of downtime as work slows. Here are a few ways to convert that downtime into an investment in brilliance.
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