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<p>I'm on vacation this week, and I still wanted to do a live show for my loyal listeners out there. This week's show covers going to Mid-Michigan Pride, getting my stuff unpacked and set up, and making some plans to better myself.</p>
<p>Intro Music: "Deep Cycle Discharge" by Mevio Music Alley artists ...
<p>Getting moved into my new place, and getting a big lesson in letting go.</p>
<p>Getting to guest speak at church.</p>
<p>Getting to work a lot, leading up to my vacation.</p>
<p>Getting myself in a space of healing.</p>
<p>Music today:&nbsp;</p>
<p>Intro: "Deep Cycle Discharge" by Mevio Music Alley ...
<p>This was my final live broadcast and podcast in the current version of the Blue Jeans Guy Studio, as I will be moving to a new apartment. I say a heartfelt (if somewhat muddled) goodbye to a house that has been a part of my life for 14 years now. I'm going to miss it, and yet I am looking forward ...
<p>Inventory at the Wonder Emporium.</p>
<p>Taking a break from all of the introspective stuff and talking some news this time:</p>
<p>Scientists have used an enzyme to "snip" the HIV-1 genetic code out of T-cells.</p>
<p>Climate change-denying Senator gets schooled.</p>
<p>Satanists are using the Supreme ...
<p>My fantastic weekend of getting to meet recording artist Faith Rivera.</p>
<p>Coming to terms with moving out of the house that has been a part of my life on and off for 14 years.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Vegas update.</p>
<p>Intro Music:</p>
<p>"Deep Cycle Discharge" by Mevio Music Alley artists Simon James ...
<p>I'm back and currently flying solo, due to scheduling conflicts on the part of one Michael Sage. I miss you already, Michael!</p>
<p>It's the Top 20 week, and everybody was dancing in their native style. Who did well and who could be in danger? Spoiler: not that easy to do this week!</p>
<p>Contact ...
<p>This is the second half of my live show on Pride48.com.</p>
<p>Definitely going to have some content planned next week...</p>
<p>Intro Music:</p>
<p>"Deep Cycle Discharge" by Mevio Music Alley artists Simon James and Derek. K. Miller</p>
<p>My second episode of my stint on Pride48.com as a summer replacement for Dubious Intent Plus, and it's a double-header. Maybe next time it's better to have some more content planned...</p>
<p>Intro Music:</p>
<p>"Deep Cycle Discharge" by Mevio Music Alley artists Simon ...
<p>While this is hardly my first broadcast on Pride48.com, and certainly not my first time filling the slot normally occupied by Daniel Brewer and Adam Burns of Dubious Intent+, this is my first in a series of shows that I hope will give my show some new life. My intent is to try some new things and ...
<p>This is a replay of the show I did for the 6th annual Pride48 Live Streaming Weekend. As always, I take this time to talk about an aspect of pride. For this time, the topic is that of self love.</p>
<p>Intro Music: "Deep Cycle Discharge" by <a href="http://www.musicalley.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=0250b0e6c006b4b920ccb81a59066f63">Mevio ...
<p>As you will hear, Ramble Redhead was unable to do his live show on Pride48.com. I was unable to get home in time to fill in for him, so I called Edwina Vogel to fill in for him.&nbsp;</p>
<p>She's been wanting to do a show for a while, so this was her opportunity to prove herself.&nbsp;</p>
<p>All ...
<p>This is a rebroadcast of a show I did live on Pride 48.com on May 24, 2014. I talk about lots of things, including honoring the sacrifice of our service men and women who gave their lives for our country. I also talk about where we are with the marriage equality effort and where I hope we can go.</p>
<p>Music ...
<p>Tom and I are back for the final time this season, and we have lots to say about the finale of American Idol.&nbsp;</p>
<p>This show was originally streamed live on Pride48.com.&nbsp;</p>
<p>We may not have always enjoyed watching Idol, but I can say that we both enjoyed bringing this update to you, ...
<p>There was an audio problem with the first posting. It's been corrected in this posting!</p>
<p>Saying good-bye to an important person in my life.</p>
<p>Living through the experience of McGee selling the place I am renting.</p>
<p>Recognizing the growth experiences that have been happening, coming ...
<p>Tom and I are back again for the Top 3 week.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Despite lots of Skype issues, we critiqued the contestants' performances.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Who do we think will be there next week? Listen in and find out!</p>
<p>Tom and I are back once again to discuss the Top 4. Tonight's theme was "Something About Love."</p>
<p>Who did we love, and who were we ready to break up with?</p>
<p>Tom and I are back to discuss the Top 5.&nbsp;</p>
<p>This week's theme was "America Picks the Songs." Who did well, and who will be singing their last?&nbsp;</p>
<p>We give our opinions--as always.</p>
<p>Tom is back, and so am I.</p>
<p>Tonight's theme was "A Little Bit of Country and a Little Bit of Rock n Roll."</p>
<p>It was more like wall-to-wall Rock, but we made it through and let you know who we think is in trouble.</p>
<p>Tom couldn't make the show tonight, so I'm going solo.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Please listen, though!</p>
<p>The Top 8 are back again, thanks to the judges using the Save.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Tom and I are back again, thanks to our dedication to bringing the fun.</p>
<p>We had a couple of hardware issues, but we got through!</p>
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