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<div>It&rsquo;s our first Christmas episode as a couple!</div>
<div>Mr. Green Jeans and I share some of our favorite Christmas traditions and memories and talk about some of the traditions we will bring into our relationship&mdash;as well as some new traditions.&nbsp;</div>
<div>Oh, ...
<div>This is the second hour of a two-hour show that Mr. Green Jeans and I did live on Pride 48.</div>
<div>I kept this one under an hour, so no complaining (looking at you, Scott the Satyr&hellip;).</div>
<div>Mr. Green Jeans and I talk about animal totems and lots of other stuff. ...
<div>This is the first hour of a two-hour show that Mr. Green Jeans and I did live on Pride 48.</div>
<div>I split the show in half, because I don&rsquo;t want to offend the listeners who complain about shows lasting longer than 1:29:59 (looking at you, Scott the Satyr&hellip;).</div>
<div>We ...
<div>After a week&rsquo;s hiatus, Paul and I are back to catch up everybody on what we did since the last broadcast. Between dress rehearsals for the Candlelight Celebration to the Candlelight Celebration itself, to house (and dog) sitting, to a message circle, we were busy guys.&nbsp;</div>
<div>We ...
<div>It&rsquo;s the day before Thanksgiving, and that means it&rsquo;s time for the annual celebration of good in my life. And, speaking of good things, my boyfriend Paul, aka, Mr. Green Jeans, joined me to present his list of good things. Proof that we&rsquo;re close to sharing a brain, we have nearly ...
<div>I am back to conclude my seven-part series &ldquo;Seven Strange Questions that May Help You Find Your Life Purpose.&rdquo; Mr. Green Jeans also joins me for a little chat.</div>
<div>Oh, and I talk about Big Fatty some.</div>
<div>Next week we will wrap up the ...
<div>This week was supposed to conclude my seven-week series on finding your life purpose, however Mr. Green Jeans and I took most of the time talking about his recent coming out to his parents. It was worth it.</div>
<div>Next week we will wrap up the series!</div>
<div>Join ...
<div>Your This week it&rsquo;s the sixth question that may help you find your life purpose.</div>
<div>Mr. Green Jeans joined me for the show. First, he&rsquo;s giving me a neck massage, then he sits down and we have a brief Q &amp; A. I love him!!!!</div>
<div>Join ...
<div>This week it&rsquo;s the fifth question that may help you find your life purpose.</div>
<div>At the request of the chatroom, I did a brief after show that I included on here.</div>
<div>Join me live in the chat room at Pride48.com at 8pm every Wednesday night.&nbsp;</div>
<div>Intro ...
<div>This week it&rsquo;s the fourth question that may help you find your life purpose.</div>
<div>Then, it&rsquo;s a big surprise announcement about a change in my life circumstances coming up very soon.</div>
<div>Then, a surprise that I didn&rsquo;t even see coming ...
<div>This week it&rsquo;s the third question that may help you find your life purpose.</div>
<div>Join me live in the chat room at <a href="http://www.pride48.com" target="_blank">Pride48.com</a>&nbsp;at 8pm every Wednesday night.&nbsp;</div>
<div>Next week, I will ...
<p>This week I talk about the nearly unbelievable and sudden advances in marriage equality, thanks to a single Supreme Court action.</p>
<p>I also take time to look at the second question that can help you find your life purpose.</p>
<p>Intro music: "Deep Cycle Discharge" by Mevio Music Alley artists ...
<div>As I debut in my new time slot on Wednesday nights, I take some time to talk about the Secret Service controversy, then start a seven-week series on &ldquo;Seven Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose."&nbsp;</div>
<div>Here's a link to the article I refer to in ...
<p>On the last of my Tuesday night shows, I talk about my experiences during the Pride 48 weekend and how I participated from afar. (And had some fun!)</p>
<p>I also took some time to make an open address to certain people (who will remain nameless) who chose not to go.</p>
<p>Intro music: "Deep Cycle ...
<p>Lots of fun stuff in this episode.</p>
<p>Intro music: "Deep Cycle Discharge" by&nbsp;<a href="http://music.podshow.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=0250b0e6c006b4b920ccb81a59066f63" target="_blank">Mevio Music Alley</a>&nbsp;artists Simon James and Derek K. Miller</p>
<p>"Sight From ...
<p>I'm back to the regular format of the show, and this week it's all about a lot of new stuff.</p>
<p>First, there's the status of my Vegas trip for Pride 48.</p>
<p>Then, it's Apple's new iPhone and Apple Watch lineup.</p>
<p>I also beta tested a new feature in the Pride 48 chatroom and answered chatroom ...
<p>My most recent Pride 48 live show (9-2-14) was a conversation between online--and real life friend Evan Waddell. Evan and I spend an hour talking about his job doing consultation with manufacturers of health and beauty aids. Or, as he puts it, cosmetics and personal lubricants. &nbsp;We also talk ...
<p>I'm on vacation this week, and I still wanted to do a live show for my loyal listeners out there. This week's show covers going to Mid-Michigan Pride, getting my stuff unpacked and set up, and making some plans to better myself.</p>
<p>Intro Music: "Deep Cycle Discharge" by Mevio Music Alley artists ...
<p>Getting moved into my new place, and getting a big lesson in letting go.</p>
<p>Getting to guest speak at church.</p>
<p>Getting to work a lot, leading up to my vacation.</p>
<p>Getting myself in a space of healing.</p>
<p>Music today:&nbsp;</p>
<p>Intro: "Deep Cycle Discharge" by Mevio Music Alley ...
<p>This was my final live broadcast and podcast in the current version of the Blue Jeans Guy Studio, as I will be moving to a new apartment. I say a heartfelt (if somewhat muddled) goodbye to a house that has been a part of my life for 14 years now. I'm going to miss it, and yet I am looking forward ...
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