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Episode: Build Your Fortune in Emerging Markets - Wealth Coach William R. Patterson 
Wealth Coach William R. Patterson - BaronSeries.com | 83 Episodes
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Wealth coach and best-selling author William R. Patterson on 1580 AM to discuss the best wealth-building strategies for emerging markets in the midst of a historic U.S. financial crisis. For more information visit, http://www.baronseries.com. William provides a fresh, highly-effective road map to financial and entrepreneurial success. Learn ways to protect your finances, generate multiple streams of income, and dramatically accelerate your path to wealth. Show topics: (1) How you can make a fortune with over one million U.S homes now in foreclosure (2) How to profit from $4 per gallon record high gas prices (3) Why you should consider investing in foreign countries or emerging markets (4) How you can get started and profit from investing in emerging markets (5) The disadvantages and risks of investing in foreign countries (6) The many different ways and places you can invest (7) Today's best performing emerging markets
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