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Episode: Being interpreter in Germany (14) 
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As I mentioned in the episode about alcohol in my country, we use to make a journey to Germany now and then. The journey has different purposes, provide us with “beverage with a certain per cent of alcohol”, speak German and having vacations for some days. This year was no exception and we celebrated the National Day (6/6) in Germany, in Burg, with many thirsty country fellows.
Celebrate… I don´t know, we run around in the supermarkets looking for the cheapest prices. We sweat in queues with people who are as sweaty as we are. We speak German my wife and me, I a little more than her. Therefore the journey combines business with pleasure, buy liquors and speak German.
It´s a pleasure to be able to communicate on their language without using English. But this year happened something which made me a Spanish-German interpreter and the other way.
It was like this, when we were in a supermarket I heard a man´s voice who spoke Spanish and the woman cashier didn´t understand a single word, in spite of the fact that she spoke both German and English. Then I thought that this could be the kindness of the day and I went to the cash-point.
The Spaniard was a truck-driver who wanted to load beer and go back to Spain, and he had a little piece of paper in his hand with the name on the firm and deliverance number.
He didn´t speak anything but Spanish and we thought it a little risky, let a man load beer when he so little knowledge of languages. You can imagine the female cashiers relieve and for the driver when I could interpret the questions they had. And how proud I was! I thought I should ask for a price-reduction on the goods we bought, but broadminded as I am, I let it be. I bought my beer and went to another supermarket and sweat another hour….
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