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<img src="http://don-gerardo.podOmatic.com/mymedia/thumb/1181777/0x0_2270079.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />In the spring we celebrate the Walpurgis night (the Eve of May Day), a holiday we celebrate in some parts of Sweden but not in others (Not in the western part, there they´ve got Easter fires). In the area where I live, there we´ve got this feast. During one year, in many places from the autumn, we gather branches and other burnable things to burn this day.
Where my wife and I use to be the Walpurgis Night we light the fire (if the vegetation is not to dry, then it is forbidden) at eight thirty after we´ve had dinner. It´s fantastic to see people stand around the fire in the twilight. We have borstj for dinner, a vegetable soup, with beet roots and meat elk. The one who arranges the party is a teacher from Skinnskatteberg. This is the most advanced dinner he uses to serve. During the time the others are having coffee the organizer and I use to play some music.
It´s a somewhat loud festivity, with fireworks and rockets, with youngsters who´ve drunk a little and others who´ve drunk too much. In Uppsala, where there is a university with traditions they celebrate Walpurgis with male choir and speech. Thousands of white caps look like wood anemones.
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