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Episode: How are we Swedes? (9) 
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A foreign friend once said to me:”It seems as if many swedes can build their own houses”. And I think it is so. Even if I cannot, i know many who do (that is build their houses). They say we are practic. There are well known Swedish companies in the whole world, Volvo, Saab, IKEA, Ericsson, Astra and Pharmacia. IKEA:s owner competes with Bill Gates to be the richest man in the world. The program Skype, for free calling on internet is constructed by a Swede and a Dane. Many play an instrument, and many young people have groups. There are world famous groups as ABBA and Roxette. We are rather influenced by English and American music. We study English from year three, and that, in combination with that we dont´t dub the speech in movies, makes us speak and understand English pretty well. In a global world like that today it´s an advantage. Many Swedes have their own site on the web.
We like the nature very much, to stroll in the wood we think is a pleasure. We are calm and not boast. Therefore we don´t like people who pretend to be important and show off. When I was in Greece with some friends once we met a Greek captain. He said to us: “You are Swedes! How I like Swedes, they work well and don´t speak too much. I had Swedes in my crews and they were the best. That I say to you”. Maybe we are, I don´t know….
Once I spoke to a Spanish estate agent, and he said he had some Swedes who wanted to buy house in his office. “They were like in stone, not a laugh, not even a smile, stiff and free from humor. But after the negotiations, with food and some wine they were as we are”…..
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