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Episode: Weekend cottage (2) 
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<img src="http://don-gerardo.podOmatic.com/mymedia/thumb/1181777/0x0_2246128.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />A foreigner once said to me: ”I don´t understand the Swedes. They live in comfortable houses and as fast as they get time they crowd together in small houses without shower and with outhouse”. Is it because we like to be near the nature? I think we are a people of peasants without villages. I don´t know, maybe that´s the reason why so many live so primitively.
Our house is situated near a lake, 200 meters, in a weekend cottage area. There are 70 houses. We have boat and right to fish with net in the lake. There are many lakes in Sweden. They are remains from the ice that covered our country during a long time. One can pick mushrooms, chanterelles, Karl-Johan (after a king with the same name) and field mushrooms. Swedes have the right to be where they want in the nature. We can pick mushrooms without asking somebody. There are many birds that sing and in the night one can listen to the owl and watch the stars on a sky that isn´t spoiled by the town (the light).
There are many weekend cottages where there are lakes and in the archipelago too in the east and in west with all islands and beaches. Yes, the Swede likes go to his weekend cottage
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