A Story A Week: Episodes

2:51 mins
<p>One thing I have discerned: God loves people! </p>

<p>If I understand that, then all my actions and leanings change. God does not have love for buildings. God is not impressed with governments. God is not intimidated by nations. He loves people! </p>

<p>Since that is true, the questions follow: ...
<p>You made it simple to understand the nature of Jesus. We were honored and humbled at the same time, as you ministered to us in person; being busy and with crowded agenda, you took time to come and visit us in prison. Many of our families have not spent as much time loving us and ministering to us ...
5:36 mins
<p>I love the idealistic world of a child. I live there to this day. </p>

<p>A pain I have borne as a father is to watch my children discover that the world outside is not a loving, caring, honest world. To see my own children cheated or bullied causes me as much grief as it does them. I hate the process ...
<p>Guilt is an effective motivator. If you make me feel bad enough, I'm liable to do almost anything. The only problem is I'll probably resent it later. I'll operate out of compulsion, not willingness. My resulting actions may be noble, but I'll operate on my own guilty initiative. Don't be surprised ...

<p>Understanding your pulpit is vacant, I should like to apply for the position. I have many qualifications. I've been a preacher with much success and also have had some success as a writer. Some say I'm a good organizer. I have been a leader most places I've been.</p>

<p>I'm over ...
1:39 mins
<p>When hospitals and schools are named, how many are named in honor of false gods? I can't think of a one. However, I lost count of the schools, hospitals and other institutions that somehow incorporate His name. Why would they do that? Only because false gods do not inspire such benevolence. But Jesus ...
<p>The Beatles, great singing group of the last century, declared themselves to be bigger than Jesus. Apparently, that did not upset Jesus. You don't need to confront pride; you only need to let it have its way. Pride doesn't have to be attacked. It collapses from its own weight. Now, the Beatles' last ...
2:06 mins
<p>Peter and John plunked an item of great value into the can of a beggar when they invited him, "In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk." The ensuing charade brought a warning from the authorities. It was not a warning about healing people. The problem was the Name. "Don't use it," ...
<p>Brave mockers try through the centuries. Modern media suppresses. Every attempt is made to paint Jesus in a bad light. Some truly succeed, but their success simply guarantees that they all fail. No matter how you speak of Jesus, the simple fact that you speak of him causes him to win.</p>

<p>In the ...
<p>Only followers of Jesus face expectations of a righteous lifestyle. If the leader of a Buddhist, Hindu or Moslem group is caught in less than inspiring circumstances, it is little more than expected. No one, especially the press, bothers to give it a line of attention, unless, as in the case of the ...
<p>We always seem relieved when someone who believes as we do finally rises to a position of prominence or power. We sigh in relief, grateful that recognition has occurred for the character and intelligence that, of course, represents us all. When someone of prominence (Read that as "fame.") becomes ...
2:58 mins
<p>Torch runs exploded into our consciousness with the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. With the torch runners passed through many United States towns and cities. Everyone wants to carry the torch for at least a few yards.</p>

<p>I served a church on the eastern edge of Los Angeles County. The torch run ...
4:51 mins
<p>Get in line.</p>

<p>May I see your identification.</p>

<p>Your luggage is too heavy. New rules. That will be $75 extra.</p>

<p>Take your luggage over to Security.</p>

<p>Step away. This is not the line.</p>

<p>Don’t touch the counter or your boxes.</p>

<p>We will have to open this.</p>

<p>The ...
3:05 mins
<p>The night before Easter, in the quiet comfort of his living room, David Fitzgerald of St. Louis choked back tears as he told me his story.</p>

<p>His only memory, dim at best, of his dad, who left the family in St. Louis when Dave was three, came from age five when his mother refused to let his drunken ...
<p>Have you ever said, “I give up. I can’t do it.”? Most everyone, at some point in their life, spouts that statement. Usually it results from despair and failure, which actually is not a bad starting point.</p>

<p>So, what’s the secret of changing directions and finding success? Let me share ...
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