Episode: Episode XCI: 1994 Microsized, and a Celebration 4 Pre-Game Show! 
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The Star Wars Action News team is in full con mode. Marjorie is walking fast, Scott is already in California, and Arnie is stressing about the Gentle Giant Yoda exclusive. But yet they didn't let their preoccupation with Celebration prevent them from bringing you another jam packed episode of Star Wars Action News! Scott reveals his store reports, and listeners call in telling you where they found the newest VOTC figures, the newest Hasbro Vehicles, as well as where they found a Celebration 3 Vader for sale at Toys R Us! And Arnie and Marjorie reflect back to Arnie's collecting in 1994, the Micro Machines vehicle three packs and Action Fleet vehicles. After that, it's all C4. We have an interview with the author of The Force in the Flesh, Matt and John return to run down all the famous names in the artists gallary, and Marjorie and Arnie do a "virtual walkthrough" of the exhibit floor covering which vendors have which exlusives and how you can get them. Finally the hosts wrap up with some general reminders and tips on how to survive Celebration 4. From where to find toilet paper to how to prevent medical emergencies to just how to make friends out of strangers, they cover it all in this week's Star Wars Action News!
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