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Worker 2 Worker interview with the gov Wilson Kaine, reviews and results from professional wrestling in and around the pacific northwest.
I heart you, you heart somebody, and we all heart professional wrestling in the pacific northwest! Results from NWWA's "Ladies Night" show in Portland and some superhuman surprises. I Hess you not.
The usual lunacy as we look at results from NWWA, DOA, DPCW, and PWB, also we re-broadcast the Worker2Worker interview with "the perfect 10" BabyDoll. YouTube shoots, music, comedy, and occasionally some real opinion...keep it Kayfabe people. Workers and promoters are invited to call.
SCW promoter and resident Buddha Ron Southerland calls in and immediately challanges WCWC promoter Jeff Manning to a debate on "Promoter Ethics." SCW is discussed, and NWWA is reviewed. NWWA promoter Dan The Man follows next, joined momentarily by Codename Claudio and later in the evening a visit from ...
Special Guest Co-Host Sunni Daze! Tonite we hype the huge SCW show in Poulsbo WA on saturday and the DOA show on sunday in Oregon City OR! Mystery guests calling in! Rant of the week that sets the standard on The Standard! Comedy, Music, Villiany and Vice. And of course, pro wrestling in the pacific northwest.
We're talking pro wrestling with a decidedly pacific northwest flavor as we welcome WCWC's Brian Zane, the Tennessee Brat Terry Bull, DOA and NWWA madman Kevin Brandt, possibly a call in from the DOA heavyweight J-Sin Sullivan. All are invited to call in and talk crazy as we look at this next weeks ...
NO HOLDS BARRED! the wrestling year in review(the good the bad and the ugly) Comedy, treachery, villiany and vodka. We catch up with Wade Hess,drink a shot with Derek Drexyl, and talk invasion with Kevin Brandt.
Team PCP calls in and sets the world on fire, mostly from the amount of alcohol on our collective breaths. You've seen the Pacific Coast Player, PrimaDonna, Punk and Pimp but do you know the Professor?
Starring SCW's DarkBuddha, DOA's and former NAWA promoter Kevin Brandt and of course Me. The message boards responded vigorously to the news of an invasion of NWWA by key talent from SCW. Tonight we will host an open debate between Buddha and Brandt and any caller that would like to discuss it. It's ...
Energetic and enigmatic indie announcer Jimi Skilz kicks it off with commentary and insights into what's really going on in pnw pro wrestling. Last week Payne wrecked Atkins to give Paynefully Large the tag belts at NWWA---and now SCW is preparing to enter NWWA. Any thoughts on that? It's the countdown ...
Tonite I'll give you an in-depth review of SCW's November Pain show, and we'll gaze deeply into my crystal balls and make some predictions for the future of the PNW pro wrestling scene. Enhanced by Vodka, it's occasionally funny when not bitterly angry, so tune in.
Doing something different tonite on the show, we'll be rated pg (no vulgarity) and in addition to taking a peek at the shows ongoing in the PNW we'll also spend some thought on Thanksgiving, got a memory from the past that'll make us laugh cry or soil ourselves? I'll share with you what I'm thankful ...
Energetic and enigmatic indie announcer Jimi Skilz interviews Dash Venture, Kellion Raeth, and Lylah Lodge (da muddah humpin' Washington Originals!)call in during their successful invasion of Portland with the head's up on Bergstrum and Magnett...very cool
We kick it off on the positive tip...keeping it KayFabed and covering three of the hottest scoops of the year in local wrestling. Check out the interviews, commentary, and of course insights from yer ol' Uncle Jimi
Due to some technical difficulties we have to put shoulder to the grindstone and do it again with Skilz and Daze. I got your trick and your treat tonight with reviews of the SCW Rocktober Rules Show and a reminder to get out and vote.
51:00 mins
day before the big show, we re-broadcast the interviews of SCW's main man Iron Buddha, have a quick chat with one half of Paynefully Large, and talk some politics. No chat room available for this one, and no callers the first hour please
Big weekend for wrestling in Washington AND Oregon I'll give the results from DOA's show in Oregon City and the results (and some fierce opinion from yers truly) of SCW Implosion. Not for the faint of heart.
We're a week away from an incredible weekend of professional wrestling, so let's talk about it! I open up the mailbag and answer some viewer mail and hear some shoot interviews from the worldwideweb. Talk about traditions such as paying dues and training, and does anybody even care about KayFabe anymore? ...
Tonite we talk to the women of indie professional wrestling. Who they are, what they do, and what's next for the fiercest females in the business of professional wrestling.
Results from 2 Legit 2 Quit (please Hammer don't hurt 'em) and the Children's Freedom Fest from Poulsbo Washington! New Champions! Biggest pop and something we're gonna call "Work Of The Month." It's pro-wrestling at it's best with the world's most dangerous indie wrestling announcer Jimi Skilz! log ...
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