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<p>Its a new episode of the Brandon Sams Untitled Comedy Podcast!</p>
<p><strong>Zachary Whitten</strong></p>
<p>Rich white debutantes with an appetite for young male prostitues that worked out of opium dens in the back of Asian laundromats?!&nbsp;</p>
<p>&nbsp;In Memphis!?</p>
<p>&nbsp;Upon a refferal we met a guy named Zachary Whitten. He had just completed a year-long ...
<p>Radio Memphis</p>
<p>I&rsquo;ve always been fascinated with radio. The voices that brought you the music were familial and consistent. Radio has changed. Terrestrial radio is on its last leg as people are taking matters into their own hands and broadcasting on the Internet. Radio Memphis is a product ...
<p>On this episode, Brandon catches up with, Joe Leibovich (Lawyer/Comic) and the Plastic Revolution (Band - San Diego, CA)</p>
<p>Want more Joe?</p>
<p>Check out The Plastic Revolution.</p>
<div></div> ...
<p>Dave Cousar, Shawn Zorn, Travis Cantrell, &amp; Kate Mauldin</p>
<p>This week&rsquo;s podcast comes to you straight from the front porch. Crickets, dogs, and secadas threaten to steal the spotlight from my guests Dave Cousar, Shawn Zorn, Travis Cantrell, &amp; Kate Mauldin.</p>
<p>Dave Cousar is a ...
<p>Prepare your earholes a-holes! Its a new episode of Don&rsquo;t Be Afraid of the Dark!!</p>
<p>On this episode, Brandon catches up with, Memphis power couple, Pat Mitchell and Billie Worley.</p>
<p>(Pat is the director of development and communications at the Memphis Music Foundation, and Billie is associate producer for 1049 Productions and an actor and musician.)</p>
<p>Mike Watt</p>
<p>Back in January, I heard that Mike Watt, &ldquo;the man-in-the-van with a bass in his hand&rdquo;, was coming to Memphis to record. So, I reached out to him via Twitter and much to my surprise, he responded right away! I asked him to come on the show and he agreed.</p>
<p>A few days ...
<p>Welcome back! Holy Shit! It has been too long, but here we are. The new site is up and running and I&rsquo;m finally getting to release this episode that I recorded way back in December!</p>
<p>Comedic actor Chris Parnell is a unique talent with too many credits to list: Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, ...
<p>On this episode, Brandon chats music and basketball with his old friend Luke White. (Memphis musician)</p>
<p>On this episode Brandon and Mike shoot the preverbal shit and filmmaker Bart Shannon joins the discussion.</p>
<p>Mike and Brandon talk to Edward about movies and cat names!</p>
<p>On today's episode Brandon sits down with his old friend PA, Mike does some time, and shit gets real.</p>
<p>On episode 4 Brandon is joined by Mike Degnan &amp; Jane Haze (on her birthday), and Nathan Hiller shares a new premise. Live at the P&amp;H Cafe, in Memphis Tennessee.</p>
<p>Special guest: Mo Alexander</p>
<p class="p1">Recorded as episode 7, but released as episode four, Brandon is joined by Mike McCarthy and Richard Douglas Jones. With special guests Rachel Hurley and Stephen Kline. Live at the P&amp;H Cafe, in Memphis Tennessee.</p>
<p class="p2">shutupandlistenpodcast.com</p>
<p class="p1">On this special episode of Twin Face Kline, the town jerk gives a&nbsp;revealing interview on "A Better You", learn about the dramatic&nbsp;difficulties of being Johnny On the Spot, the world premiere of of The Community Bubble song "A Springtime Sun Song" and much much more!!!</p>
<p class="p2">shutupandlistenpodcast.com</p> ...
<p>Prepare your earholes a-holes! Its a new episode of Don&rsquo;t Be Afraid of the Dark!!</p>
<p>Topics: Josh's Familyversary, Jared's new music videos, the four components of dorkdom, Josh and his new mustache, Ghost Hunters is a scam, Why are celebrities so greedy?, Ninja Turtles from space!, John ...
<p class="p1">Brandon talks up the Break Up Show with Savannah Bearden of the ETC. Also the return of Ask Brandon.</p>
<p class="p1">Special Guests: Savannah Bearden, Mike McCarthy</p>
<p class="p1">shutupandlistenpodcast.com</p>
<p class="p1">Brandon and Mike sit down with Cheryl Hurley and girls of TNT.</p>
<p class="p2">Special Guests: Cheryl Hurley, TNT, Mike McCarthy</p>
<p class="p1">shutupandlistenpodcast.com</p>
<p><span>Michael Brown stops by the P@H to give Brandon shit and talk about his new closer.</span></p>
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