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Episode: Sparky McCloud Meets A NHL Referee 
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Story Notes and Extras<br />Sparky McCloud Meets A NHL Referee<br /><br />Talk and Discover<br />an opportunity for parents, coaches, teachers and children<br />to enjoy together<br /><br />Why do you think Paul Stewart liked school?<br />What are some of the reason to have a good education?<br />What do you like about school? <br />What do you like about sports?<br />Why are teammates important?<br />In what ways should you treat a teammate like they were your brother or sister?<br />In what ways should you treat someone from another team<br />&nbsp;like they were your brother or sister?<br />How is being on a team like being a part of a family?<br />How is a referee is some ways like a parent? <br />What do you admire about someone like Paul Stewart?<br />Who are your teammates in school?<br /><br />Learning With Art<br /><br />Draw a picture of an ice skate.<br />Draw a picture of a referee’s shirt.<br />Draw a picture of someone who would be a good referee.<br /><br />More Talk and Discover<br /><br />Why do you think rules are important in sports?<br />How do you treat someone with dignity<br />and make sure that it is something that is not taken away?<br />What are some of the ways that you can make someone feel better?<br />What can you say to someone to encourage them?<br />What are some of the ways that you can be a role model in<br />school – in sports – in your community - and at home?<br />What are some of the ways that you can help others succeed?<br />What are some ways that you can volunteer without being asked?<br />What are some of the values that your family has given you?<br />What are some of the values that you will have to give to your children?<br />What are some of the ways that sports helps you to be a better person?<br /><br />And For Extra Credit <br /><br />Name 10 famous hockey players.<br />Who are some famous hockey teams and<br />what are some famous moments in hockey?<br />What other famous skaters have worn white figure skates?<br />In what countries is ice hockey popular?<br />Where in the United States is hockey popular?<br /><br />Significant Dates for Paul Stewart<br /><br />Nov 22nd 1979 - played in his first NHL game<br />March 23rd 1980 - scored first NHL goal<br />March 27th 1987 - refereed first NHL game<br />February 22nd 1998 - son McCauley born<br />February 23rd 1998 - diagnosed with cancer<br />November 13th 1998 - returned to referee in NHL<br />February 6th 1999<br />inducted into Binghamton Hockey Hall of Fame<br />October 1st 2001 - son Maxwell born<br />March 15th 2003 - refereed 1,000th NHL game<br /><br />Number worn as NHL referee - 22<br /><br />graduate of<br />Groton School<br />University of Pennsylvania<br /><br />grandfather - Bill Stewart<br />played for Chicago White Sox<br />major league baseball umpire and NHL referee<br />coached 1938 Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions<br /><br type="_moz" />
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