Science & the City: Episodes

Two taste gurus deconstruct our sense of taste in S&C's Science of the 5 Senses series -- from the molecules that give us flavor to the mystery of the fifth taste.
Meet the first 5 students at the new graduate school at the American Museum of Natural History -- the first museum in America awarding PhDs.
A Nobel Laureate delves into what we know about our cells - from their 4.5 billion year history, to modern-day mutations, and protein zip codes (cellular love letters).
Explore the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology's extraordinary collection of eggs and nests with two scientists from the foundation and the photographer for their new book, Egg and Nest.
There's a lot more to vision than first meets the eye. An ex-magician and cognitive neuroscientist team and tackle the science of sight in S&C's Science of the 5 Senses series.
Take a look at the Ensemble Studio Theatre Sloan Project, which aims to bring science stories and playwrights together, and preview their science festival, on now.
Take a tour of the Interactive Telecommunications Program's wacky and inventive Winter thesis show at NYU.
Hayden Planetarium director Tyson, Carl Sagan's widow, and Sagan's former colleague discuss the astrobiologist's perspective on science, the spiritual experience, and the search for God.
From eBay meteorites to DNA artwork, Science and the City gives you quirky science gift options for the holiday season.
Two smell scientists tackle the biology, genetics, and psychology behind our noses in S&C's Science of the 5 Senses series.
A Nobel Laureate and his son, a jazz musician, team up to fuse art and science, (cancer cell biology and jazz), at the Guggenheim's Works and Process program.Multimedia: Video animations
An NYU neuroscientist reveals what his research tells us about how our brains process fear and anxiety. LeDoux was featured in the S&C Fall events series.
Think you've got a supercomputer for a brain? Think again. An NYU psychologist argues we've got kluges for brains and evolution to blame. Marcus was part of the S&C Fall events schedule.
A neurophysiologist and a filmmaker team up to talk about somatosensory research as part of the S&C Science of the 5 Senses series.
Two psychiatrists, a philosopher, and an ex dominatrix debate the definition of paraphilias and discuss whether science has a place between the sheets.
The Imagine Science Film Festival kicks off with a discussion at the Academy on the key to making a successful science movie - without compromising the story or the science.
Psychologist Ekman discusses how 40 hours of conversation with the Dalai Lama changed his views on our ability to be emotionally aware.
Three NYU scientists describe some of the research into why we vote the way we do at an S&C Fall series event.
A renowned psychologist describes how our individual perception of time shapes the choices we make at an S&C Fall series event.
Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek explains the Large Hadron Collider and its potential to revolutionize the field of physics at an S&C Fall event.
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