Science Magazine Podcast: Episodes

Human odor discrimination; roundup of daily news with David Grimm.
What Google's Flu Trends can teach us about the pitfalls of big data; roundup of daily news with David Grimm.
Celebrating crystallography's centennial; how climate pushes malaria uphill; roundup of daily news with David Grimm.
Treatment trials for Down Syndrome; roundup of daily news with David Grimm.
Eavesdropping on ecosystems; roundup of daily news with David Grimm.
Termite-inspired builder robots; why some mammalian cells have so many copies of their chromosomes.
Tackling the role of early fetal brain development in autism; daily news stories with David Grimm.
Should we worry more about quantum decryption in the future or the past, how salt's role as a micronutrient may effect the global carbon cycle, and a daily news roundup.
The genome from a cancerous cell line that's been living for millenia, Opportinty's first 10 years on Mars, and a daily news roundup.
Britain's prehistoric stone monuments; stories from our daily news site.
Notable highlights from the year in science; Science's breakthrough of the year and runners up.
Fear-enhanced odor detection with John McGann; the latest from Curiosity’s hunt for traces of ancient life on Mars with Richard Kerr; and more.
Discussing the origin of transcriptional noise with Alvaro Sanchez; examining results from a drilling expedition at the Tohoku-oki fault; and looking at the potential benefits of snake venom with Kai Kupferschmidt.
Talking kids' science books with Maria Sosa; predicting happiness in marriage with James McNulty; investigating questionable scholarly publishing practices in China with Mara Hvistendahl.
The minimum requirements for a Y chromosome with Monika Ward; Eliot Marshall checks in on U.S.'s missile interception program 30 years later; Sylvia Zhu breaks down observations from the brightest gamma-ray burst.
The origin of dog domestication in Europe with Robert Wayne; Richard Lenski tracks the adaptation of bacteria over 50,000 generations; Robert Services describes the prospects of a new contender in solar technology.
Peter Jenniskens discusses findings from the Chelyabinsk meteorite; Richard Moss outlines the future of adaptation science; Gretchen Vogel talks about the battle against the "forgotten" malaria.
Neural predispositions to music and speech learning with Robert Zatorre; Jonas Frisén spotlights the role of scar formation following spinal cord injury; Emily Underwood traces the neural circuitry underlying depression.
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