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I often get questions via Twitter and from clients and friends via e-mail asking me “What the hell is a Tweetup?” #Tweetup explained:

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Today I interviewed Vinetta Peek, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the Certified Management Accountants of British Columbia on Marketing to Millennials. It was also really about how important it is to listen the the customer versus talk at them.
A shift that has been driven by social ...
This video is from a seminar I delivered to the Vancouver Board of Trade on Selling and Succeeding in Turbulent Economic Times. A good portion of the seminar focused on how to use social media and social networking in the sales process.

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Shane Gibson shares the importance of staying connected and contributing in tough or uncertain economic times.

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Too often people base their business strategy or lifestyle on a temporary circumstance. Shane Gibson discusses how to avoid this trap in sales and in business.

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Shane Gibson talks about F.E.A.R. (False evidence appearing real) and the cure for fear in any economic environment.  Tells a story about Jim Janz, Bill Gibson and himself facing a wall of fire and potential hijackers in South Africa.

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Shane Gibson’s sales video podcast today talks about succeeding in turbulent economic times using the principles in Seth Godin’s book “The Dip,” a book about “When to Quit and When to Stick.”

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I had the opportunity to interview Ian Watt on how he has used technology, particularily video blogging, to build himself one the strongest brands in his marketplace.

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This is an interview I did with Stephen Jagger co-founder of Reachd and Ubertor on using Social Media and Social Networking to create and brand and connect with customer.  It will actually be part of a program we are developing with the Academy of Learning on Professional Selling.  Steve has great ...
Anthony McAleer was our guest speaker.  Great event. We had our biggest meetup yet!

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The Vancouver Sales Performance Meetup!
Four tips on conducting an effective client needs analysis an important process for people in long-sales-cycle selling or complex sales.  (Related video The Importance of Listening in Sales)

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This sales video podcast is focused on organizing a process around the principle of follow-up. We all know that it’s important to follow-up but very few of us do it effectively and systematically. (Related video The Importance of Frequency in Selling.)

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This is a video comprised of short excerpts from our August 18th Sales Performance Meetup that is hosted by Stephen Jagger of Reachd and Shane Gibson.  The video was shot with a lower res flipvideo cam made for internet video blogging.  Hope to see you at the next meetup.

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Shane Gibson addresses an audience at the Vancouver Board of Trade’s Leaders of tomorrow program.  This is the full 30 minute keynote shot at UBC ’s Robson Square Campus.

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Keeping commitments in selling is key to establishing credibility and rapport with our clients and prospects.

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This sales video podcast is about selling technology solutions to senior executives.

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This sales podcast is a video of Shane Gibson talking about the importance of listening in sales.

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This sales video podcast is of Shane Gibson talking about Frequency in Selling

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