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- Mar. 16, 2010
Your not nuts thats for sure, this type of thing is happening all over .
- Aug. 21, 2009
Organized (gang) stalking is thriving in Saanich as it is elsewhere on Vancouver Island. Out of the many police I turned to for help with this crime it was only Saanich Police who listened and acted. I think it was Detective Ross Polten (spelling) who took me seriously. However, I had become so fearful I ran before he could get very far. My mistake. Organized stalking has followed and harassed me for ten years. It's an extremely serious crime. A targeted victim is harassed 24/7 365 days a year for years. It is exhausting and expensive. Long time targets are generally reduced to homelessness despite previously successful careers. Some targeted victims such as myself experience physical violence as well as psychological. This hate cult's aim is to destroy their chosen target's life to the point of suicide. The crimes are insidious and difficult to prove unless the victim target is fitted with surveillance equipment and has witnesses. By the time the target realizes how serious this has become he/she is usually broke or too mentally traumatized to engage in self-saving tactics. I want to thank my assaigned Saanich detective for at least believing that my harassment was worth investigating. As of today, August 14/09, I am still harassed, intimidated, and threatened by the same organized stalking hate group. Moving does not help and neither does changing phone numbers. I'm not sure why this group zeroed in on me. I think I might have been easy prey: a single mom in the countryside with no neighbours, a naive Pollyanna, a bit of a nerd. For years I went half-mad trying to figure out why and who. There are no logical answers. Now suffering from PTSD my functioning level is poor as is the other target victims who have been battling for entitled but lost freedom. I am asking the Saanich Police to do a bit of research on Vancouver Island organized (gang) stalking. There are enough local victims that web sites, blogs, and forums are in use constantly. If you should have questions about this crime or are suffering because of it please contact me. windintrees1@gmail.com
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