African: Episodes

<p>There are calls for the international community to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to South Sudan to prevent a humanitarian disaster.</p>
<p>Australian trials are underway for a daily drug that's being shown to prevent people from contracting the HIV virus.</p>
<p>Amid 2014's events commemorating the start of World War One, few mark the involvement of Australia's many migrants who found themselves fighting for their new country.</p>
<p>Could the last three of five imprisoned Cubans in the US be released in a swap?</p>
<p>A new ceasefire has been secured in Gaza for five days, just minutes before a previous truce was set to expire.</p>
<p>The conflict in eastern Ukraine<p>
Australia to give aid to Iraq</p><p>
Australia's wine industry turns to China</p></p>
<p>Tony Abbott won't rule out a broader mission in Iraq beyond humanitarian relief;<p>
A HIV prevention drug being trialled in Australia;</p><p>
The Australians involved in the jihadist war in Syria.</p></p>
<p>Talks get underway between Australia and the US. <p>
Hazara refugees in a south-east Queensland town.</p><p>
The benefits and challenges of being bilingual. </p></p>
<p>Aid agency Oxfam has called on the Australian government to use its role at the United Nations to push for a peace deal in South Sudan. </p>
<p>Following the election of Joko Widodo to the Indonesian presidency, human rights supporters are urging Prime Minister Tony Abbott to review Australia's military relationship with its northern neighbour.</p>
<p>Fiji's interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama is reportedly set to visit Australia sometime over the next fortnight, as part of a campaign trail shrouded in secrecy.</p>
<p>Twelve months ago there were no members of the Hazara ethnic group living in the south-east Queensland town of Toowoomba.</p>
<p>The PM in the Hague<p>
Australia improves relations with India</p><p>
Celebrating small business in Australia</p></p>
<p>The Prime Minster touches down at the Hague.</p>
<p>World News Australia's weekend sport round up with Attila Mosonyi</p>
<p>Unrest in Iraq;<p>
Concerns about visa fraud;</p><p>
Weekend sport preview.</p></p>
<p>A United Nations-backed court in Cambodia has sentenced two former top Khmer Rouge leaders to life in prison.</p>
<p>Doctors and health professionals in Australia are on the lookout for symptoms of Ebola in patients who've travelled to West Africa. </p>
<p>A woman who has devoted more than 25 years to helping women and multicultural comunities received this year's New South Wales Human Rights Award.</p>
<p>Iraq's politicians are appealing to the international community to help battle Islamic State fighters.</p>
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