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<p>Federal Attorney General George Brandis has signalled his wish to have Australians fighting in overseas conflicts detained when they return home.</p>
<p>Little is known about the leader of the Sunni group which is calling on all Muslims to live under its newly proclaimed Caliphate. </p>
<p>The federal government is refusing to confirm reports it is handing Tamil asylum seekers back to Sri Lankan authorities at sea. </p>
<p>Chemical technicians aboard the MV Cape Ray will be using two specially designed reactors to break the chemicals down in a process known as hydrolysis.</p>
<p>An international law expert has questioned the ability of Australian immigration authorities to properly assess asylum claims remotely via video link.</p>
<p>Germany's capital Berlin could soon become home to the world's first integrated tri-faith place of worship.</p>
<p>India has agreed to open its civilian nuclear facilities to greater oversight by the International Atomic Energy Agency.</p>
<p>The tiny Balkan state of Montenegro wants to join the Arab League. </p>
<p>Three months after the Sri Lankan government designated the Australian Tamil Congress a terrorist organisation, members say they're worried about contacting family and associates at home. </p>
<p>An exodus from Pakistan's north west;<p>
Canada's Supreme Court grants aboriginal people title to public lands;</p><p>
A world first, integrated place of worship in Germany.</p></p>
<p>Some Australian Muslims say they have no intention of ever using their superannuation funds, as they rely on investments that don't fit with their religious beliefs.</p>
<p>The Canadian Supreme Court has issued a landmark ruling granting aboriginal people title to public lands. </p>
<p>An aid organisation in Pakistan has expressed concern over the harsh conditions faced by residents fleeing a military offensive in the country's north-west.</p>
<p>Big serving Canadian Milos Raonic has eliminated Nick Kyrgios from Wimbledon in the quarter finals.</p>
<p>Nick Kyrgios knocked out of Wimbledon;<p>
Growing popularity of Islamic superannuation;</p><p>
Attack of the Smooth newts.</p></p>
<p>The federal AG is stressing the importance of relations between the government and the Muslim community.</p>
<p>The Human Rights Commission will force detention centre workers to give evidence to its inquiry into the health of asylum seeker children.</p>
<p>Graeme Innes has just ended his term as the last dedicated full-time Disability Discrimination Commissioner.</p>
<p>Japan has signalled the biggest shift in its defence stance since WWII.</p>
<p>There are a few changes taxpayers will need to look out for this year when they fill out their tax returns.</p>
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