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<p>Ukraine's President visits Australia;<p>
An Iranian asylum seeker going for gold; </p><p>
Food labelling again under review;</p></p>
<p>The Australian Human Rights Commission's Human Rights Medal has been awarded to Sydney school principal Dorothy Hoddinott. </p>
<p>Australia has pledged a contribution of $200 million over four years to the Green Climate Fund.</p>
<p>The US Senate report on controversial CIA interrogation techniques comes as no surprise to two Australians.</p>
<p>The man who shot to prominence for his fierce defence of Australian terror suspect David Hicks says a report detailing the CIA's abuse and torture of detainees confirms what many have long known.</p>
<p>Fresh calls to reform Australia's adoption laws; Mixed results for Australian school students in the latest NAPLAN tests; A school principal honoured for her work in refugee education.</p>
<p>Health experts say there are lessons to be learned from the response to the Ebola crisis.</p>
<p>More than 20 young members of the Indigenous community are participating in a new leadership program in the Northern Territory.</p>
<p>Residents in the inner Sydney suburb of Redfern have expressed outrage over an advertisement for luxury apartments luring buyers by claiming Aboriginal people have "moved out" of the area.</p>
<p>The International Criminal Court is a step closer to having the power to investigate crimes committed in the Palestinian territories.</p>
<p>The World Health Organisation has announced a dramatic drop in the number of deaths from malaria since 2000.</p>
<p>More than 160 Australians who allege they developed compulsive behaviour as a result of taking drugs to treat Parkinson's Disease look set to share in millions of dollars in compensation.</p>
<p>The International Olympic Committee has unanimously approved the Games biggest shake-up in decades.</p>
<p>Solomon Islands has elected its first prime minister since the departure of Australian-led peacekeeping troops from the Pacific island neighbour last year.</p>
<p>The federal government has bowed to pressure and announced it's scrapping plans for a $7 dollar GP co-payment and replacing it with a new scheme.</p>
<p>A damning United States Senate report has detailed post-9/11 interrogation tactics used by the Central Intelligence Agency.</p>
<p>A US Senate report breaks open the silence surrounding CIA interrogations of al-Qaeda suspects; the Palestinians' status upgraded at the International Criminal Court; and, the Federal Government abandons plans to charge all patients $7 for GP visi...
<p>A prominent former Kashmiri separatist, who is contesting state elections in India, believes the long running territorial dispute over the status of Kashmir can be resolved.</p>
<p>The global public health threat that's posed by cancer is best tackled by 'increasing collaboration between nations with an open exchange of information'.</p>
<p>Charity groups say they're planning to raise enough money to so that they can place a mobile billboard out the front of Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey's North Sydney electoral office. </p>
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