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43:00 mins
Android After Dark
RootzLive! Episode #15
Well, it didn’t take long for AOSP to find its way to Samsung’s newest Galaxy S flagship. Before the Galaxy S III has even reached North America, Cyanogenmod 9 and AOKP have already found their way to the root community, courtesy of Team Hacksung and Rootzwiki member netchip.

Both ROMs use Team ...
To say that the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 and AT&T; Skyrocket variants of the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S2 have not had much choice in the way of custom ROMs to run on our phones would be a major disservice to the excellent developers that have given us a nice variety of builds.Thanks to Shane Rodgers, ...
It looks like AOKP has put together Build 39 for their supported devices... and there’s a bunch of unofficial ports to other devices. One of those is for the ASUS Transformer Prime... updates in Build 39 adds New device tree based on TripNDroid's tree (thanks TripNDroid!), tree modified to work with ...
Unofficial AOKP releases everywhere! The AT&T; HTC One X, Asus tf300t Transformer, Samsung T-Mobile Hercules, Samsung Galaxy TAB, Acer Iconia A200, Droid Vigor, and many many more devices have unofficial AOKP builds going. Remember, RootzWiki, myself, Team Kang, or your mom aren’t responsible for what ...
This week, Google released a factory version 4.0.4 (IMM76K) restore image for the Verizon Wireless variant of the Galaxy Nexus. This image is useful for those of you that may need to return your phones for warranty replacement or just simply want to get back to the latest stock ICS release. Factory images ...
According to a recent report there is a strong possibility of an Ubuntu OS release for Android devices, possibly as early as next year. The report cites Canonical officials as the source of this info and indicates that Canonical is currently working towards bring mobile Ubuntu to the mobile marketplace. ...
Samsung Galaxy SIII and wireless carriers and their increasing data rates vs the movement of your data to the cloud.
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