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Episode: Return Viewer's Guide #5 
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Tonight I am going to do a bit of updating. Also I may play a couple of tunes. Then I am going to have a look at the first part of my fifth Return Viewer's Guide. Thanks for joining me.__ 1. Shortly, a very massive crater covered forward rolling moon coloured object is going to roll down across between the Earth and the Moon. The forward rolling, slowly sinking object crosses between the Earth and the Moon moving from the upper left to the lower right.

2. The object is smaller than the Moon. The object crosses at a point between the Moon and Earth at a point far enough out from the Moon towards the Earth so that the object's smaller size, relative to the size of the Moon, is able to completely obscure or eclipse the Moon.

3. At a certain point the total eclipse ends. The Moon's light emerges above the object's upper right horizon and is spread out wide open to the right and upper right of the object. I think of it as "Moon Rise." Obviously the Moon does not actually "rise," instead the crossing object's surface is sinking down allowing the Moon to be seen above it's forward rolling surface and especially to the right were the Moon's light opens up and spreads out.

4. When the object is crossing between the Earth and the Moon the Sun's light that has reflected off the Moon's surface and is now traveling toward the viewer on Earth becomes transformed as it passes over the crossing object's fast moving, forward rolling, slowly sinking surface.
The Moon's light suddenly does not look or behave at all like the sight of the Moon. Some sort of very fantastic effect is generated and/or caused by the crossing object's forces. 5. The object's largest surface feature, as far as I know, is a rounded smoothly curved raised area. It rolls up into view over the top of the forward rolling, forward moving, slowly sinking object.
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