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Commission Against Corruption: Margo Kingston (nofibs.com.au) discusses the NSW ICAC investigatino that has claimed so many scalps. From outright fraud, to shady shelf companies, current rules can easily be subverted to deliver windfall gains to those who are willing to play the political game of campaign ...
Give n Take for Transport Funding: Chris Hale (tinyurl.com/obt6uty) of Melbourne Uni discusses value capture as an infrastructure enabler. How far behind our East Asian competitors is Australia?
Piketty and the Wealth Gap wakeup: Prof Michael Hudson (michael-hudson.com) discusses Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century and the system of entitlement driving the inequity. Marx’s falling rate of profit and the background machinations to the Ukraine crisis also come under the microscope ...
The Buyer Pyramid: An extended podcast with Catherine Cashmore (catherinecashmore.com.au) discussing her experience on both sides of the real estate game. Why is it so essential for the public to understand how important economic rent? Scuse my recording quality!
Measuring Externalities: Dr Michael Vardon from the Australian Bureau of Stats discusses the world leading report on Environmental Economic Accounting (ABS 4655). Listen to hear how fast renewables are growing, the plummeting value of brown coal and whether the Oz economy produces more than it wastes. ...
The Jubilee of Corporate and Government Interests: CEO Brynnie Goodwill (jubileeaustralia.org) discusses the corporate welfare benefitting Gina Rinehart and other mining giants and the transparency myth surrounding them. Karl then launches into the Eddie Obeid AWH affair and the pursuit of the gravy ...
Population Diversion: Building on the recent theme of scarcity or abundance, Lindy Davies (www.henrygeorge.org) dispels the blaming of population growth for the perils of the world.
Perma-Nomics 2 – The Flexibility Seed: Karl is joined by permaculturalist Katie Christiano to review the recent Perma-Nomics episode. Peak Oil, population and a perennial economic outlook are discussed. www.earthsharing.org.au
Collage Cuts revisited: a few minor changes to this April 2012 mix of economic thought starters. Why didnt I include my recent ABC news grabs? It has something to do with ….
Perma-Nomics revisited: Karl re-works the recent SLF presentation to paraphrase David Holmgren’s 12 Permaculture Principles into a closed-loop economic system (permacultureprinciples.com). Part 2 coming in a few weeks.
Economic Democracy …in one sentence: Author JW Smith (www.iccw2.org/) discusses the changing geo-political conditions under China’s growing influence. Why are property rights so essential to a genuine economic democracy? www.ied.info
From Fukushima to housing to the open source community: Three interviews from the Sustainable Living Festival with Senator Scott Ludlam (Greens), Kaz (Japanese from Peace) and Alex Bayley (Grow Stuff) www. Earthsharing.org.au
Manufacturing Change: Karl analyses the need for change in a fast moving world. Was it time for the end of car manufacturing or was it needed to maintain resiliance? Martin Wolf (ft.com) makes a cameo. See you at the SLF.org.au
Indian Real Estate Outcasts: Dr Navin Singh discusses the real estate 4 ransom ‘entrepreneurialism’ swarming through his country and the lack of concern by politicians or people at 40% higher land prices in New Delhi?!! Read Navin’s article http://tinyurl.com/lapfq65
German economic history treat: Prof Dirk Lohr discusses takes us through the evolution of economic thinking before delving into current gentrification and reform issues http://rent-grabbing.com/
Energy Price Gouge: Chris Mardon discusses the privatised Australian energy market and how companies are making profit out of our heatwaves www.earthsharing.org.au
Global Gentrification Game: Jess Wright joins to discuss developments in Scotland and Berlin with her economic eagle eye http://www.extraenvironmentalist.com/2013/12/30/episode-71-supply-shock/
Sounds: Funyz – First World Problems, Dj Signify – Sink or Swim (aesop), El-P Iron Galaxy, Larry Achiampong, Leena Conquest Boundaries, Blind Uncle Gaspard Marksville Blues, Spectrum I’ll be Gone, Sothko Everything is Fine. Spoken samples – Matt Damon, Brian Czech, Russell Brand
2013 Collage: featuring highlights of the year including Terry Dwyer, Steve Keen, Deidre Kent, Michael Hudson, David Richardson (tai.org.au), Jane Frances Kelley (Grattan) and John Jamieson. Playlist on www.earthsharing.org.au soon.
Crony Competition on the road to Unearned Income: Prof Michael Hudson gives a wrap on the economics of 2013 as we discuss Detroit, Iceland, Madoff, Marx and Blackstone Capital. www.michael-hudson.com
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