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A live recording from the event Boom or Bust – where are we in the Property Cycle, where Anderson gives insights on the theoretical framework to interpret the business cycle. Stories on a 14 year old tech wiz to the benefits of Olympic economics.
Lindsay David (http://blog.australiaboomtobust.com/) portrays the risky world we endure in terms of the mining bust, money printing and the wobbly land game. Sure to add a few new perspectives for something that seems so obvious to all but ‘conservatives’. www.earthsharing.org.au
Max Carlson joins the Renegades with his Silicon Valley insights into big data, climate, privacy, the Irish shuffle, tech-led inequality in SF, robot;ics and voting machines in this extended podcast special. Show notes: http://www.earthsharing.org.au/1eF
Bob Massie (350.org.au & outgoing President of the New Economy coalition) gives a rousing speech at Melb Uni on the climate challenge and transitionary forces, followed by an interview with Karl www.earthsharing.org.au (check our new website!)
Jesse Hermans (Fair Money Australia – find via Facebook) discusses a number of monetary reform processes and their suitability. Does MMT really hold hope for the future? There’s more to be unpacked in this space. www.earthsharing.org.au
Zac Hatfield Dodds (fossilfreeanu.wordpress.com) discusses the divestment movement at ANU and why it is so crucial to humanity’s survival. www.earthsharing.org.au
Frank de Jong (earthsharing.ca) discusses the implications of confusing land and capital amidst the economic pressures an aging workforce under fire from climate change faces www.earthsharing.org.au Support 3CR
NY academic Yanis Tziligakis delivers a scathing inside analysis of the newly elected Syriza party in Greece and the economist MPs behind it (including poster boy Yanis Varoufakis) – on the inability to differentiate between land and capital. Show notes www.earthsharing.org.au
Janelle Orsi (www.theselc.org) discusses the role her important NGO plays in developing the legal tools for the evolving sharing economy, from cooperatives to urban agriculture. We also discuss the need for the sharing of the platform rents entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) have enjoyed.
Take 2 – correct file this time! Getting back into the swing of things…. An economic collage of sounds n thoughts with Gary Clail, Non Bossy Possee, Organarchy Sound System, DJ Spooky, The Fat, Fun-Da-Mental and Scott Cook.
PhD candidate Cameron Murray (ckmurray.blogspot.com.au) joins for a lively discussion on the links between corruption and property rights in Queensland, venturing into ICAC and onto the global property bubble www.prosper.org.au
An economic collage of sounds n thoughts with Aoi – Rock Bottom, Gary Clail – Never Surrender & Enough is Enough (Another Nail in the Mast, On-U-Sound), Keilor MacDuff (Ferguson), Margo Kingston, Dave Wetzel, Flying Lotus, Dirk Loehr, John August, Kelpe – Colours Don’t Leak, Diaries Rum, Michael ...
Highlights Reel 2014: Select pieces that jump into some sort of storyline as I scream thru my 2 hour edit window whilst on holidays, featuring Lindy Davies (henrygeorge.org), Gary Flomenhoft, Michael Hudson, Dr Navin Singh, Chris Mardon (RIP) and Dave Giesen. Read well www.earthsharing.org.au
Songs of Protest with Grace Petrie, Michael Hurley, Jamie De Wulf and the Snap Judgements, Christian Williams, David Rovics, Cantankerous Monk and Bonnie Dobson
Economic interview highlights intermixed with beats, soundscapes n samples featuring music by Aoi, Gary Clail, Flying Lotus, Beck, Kelp n Ricardo Donoso. Economists include Dr Michael Vardon, Dave Wetzel, Margo Kingston, Keillor MacDuff, Dirk Loehr, John August, Catherine Cashmore, Philip Soos, David ...
Recovering Financial Crises: Akhil Patel (businesscycles.biz) discusses the influence of the land game on the stockmarket and how to decipher the stage of the economic cycle – crucial info for any reformer as we dart from China, the UK, EU to Australia. www.prosper.org.au
Floating Concrete: A podcast only show featuring storyteller and concreter Hayden discussing some of the tricks we need to look out for when it comes to the foundations for housing – the concrete slab. Karl also reviews the recent Vic election and related themes. www.earthsharing.org.au
Yesterday’s Political Capital is Tomorrow’s Political Noose: Guardian journalist Van Badham (http://www.theguardian.com/profile/van-badham) joins to discuss the political landscape in this fast fast digital era. She gives an overview of the neo-liberal agenda amidst the Australian yearning for a ...
Catherine Cashmore interviewed on the 7th Speculative Vacancy report, where we delve into real estate theory of demand assessment and how the community pays whilst speculators hoard for great profit with little consequence. 64,386 empty homes but there is a Housing Supply Crisis??? http://www.prosper.org.au/?p=8323 ...
G20 Policy Exclusions: Gary Flomenhoft (PhD Affiliate, Uni QLD) joins to discuss the G20 world where inclusionary growth, rampant privatisation and a flat earth are fair game for renegade economists. www.earthsharing.org.au
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