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New Aussie Mortgage Debt record – but why? Philip Soos (philipsoos.com.au) & David Collyer discuss their Senate Housing Affordability Inquiry presentation amidst the fast moving economic environment. Listen to some easy reforms our leaders could be picking off, the state of the Chinese led iron ore ...
The hope behind band aids : This week celebrating 7 years on air, the show tributes the work of Henry George with Mark Hassad, editor of the Prosperity Paradox. George was renowned for addressing root causes to injustice, famously saying “The equal right of all men to the use of land is as clear as ...
They Are Crawling All Over Our Democracy: Karl winds together recent themes of lobbyocracy, rent-seeking, ICAC, Tinkler, Ferguson before April Bragg (www.oldertenants.org.au) joins to discuss the state of long term renting and the challenges for older residents. www.prosper.org.au
They Are Crawling All Over Our Democracy: Karl winds together recent shows before April Bragg (www.oldertenants.org.au) joins to discuss the state of long term renting and the challenges for older residents. www.prosper.org.au
#Hands Up Dont Shoot: Keillor MacDuff (@tekeiller) reports in from Ferguson on the continuing crisis following the tragic shooting of Michael Brown. Economic pressures loom in the background. Dont forget our 123rd annual dinner, sept 3, www.earthsharing.org.au
The second tech phase: p2 to the Collaborative California presentation assessing the incredible wealth amassing in the tech sector alongside the accompanying gentrification pressures being used as a diversion from systemic analysis. www.earthsharing.org.au
Collaborative California – pt1: A live recording of Karl Fitzgerald’s presentation on the evolving peer to peer revolution threatening to overturn the industrial superpowers through the innovation and efficiency of community. www.earthsharing.org.au
350 shows as we hear from the London School of Economics on Where Will We All Live then wind our way to Renting from Wall Street (homesforall.org). Tue Aug 5th Collaborative California with Karl Fitzgerald www.prosper.org.au
Decks are Stacked, the Planet Hijacked: With climbingpoetree.com and Kostas Antoniados discussing the Land Question and the capital gains pains. Why does housing hurt? My post-US event delayed until Aug 5th www.realestate4ransom.com
Grand Sale: Dave Wetzel (theiu.org) & Rich Nymeon (CommonGround Minnesota) discuss economic pressures in a post GFC era. From bank reforms to bubbles to Marx or George, another insight into alternative thinking on the 3CR airwaves.
Democratising Land Use: Karl presents at the theselc.org/from_ownership_to_stewardship event in Oakland, California. About 24 people attended for an indepth on Community Land Trusts and the need to share the natural opportunities the earth provides to all.
Radical San Fran Tour, with Dave Giesen (thecommonssf.org/) takes us on a walking tour of social movements in this vibrant city. Along the way we will be challenged with the need for more than words but the most primal of realities.
Beyond Monocultures, Into Humanity: one of my favourite sparring partners, John August (johnaugust.com.au), joins to discuss some of the finer details to Georgist economics and the nature of life.
Punch Lane Roundtable: with Karl Williams & David Collyer traversing from the Anti-Mcdonalds campaign in Tecoma to banking profits, land bonanzas, Taiwanese PT before finishing with Robert Costanza’s valuation of the earth & the ecosystem. OMG behind the scenes dramas, excuse the heavy breathing! www.earthsharing.org.au ...
The Resistance: we flick thru highlights of the last 6 months as we tie together the pressures of resource wars, gentrification, corruption, mining, and democratic malaise. All the cheery stuff that inspires resistance. Support the Renegade Economists, support 3CR. http://www.givenow.com.au/cause442
Seeding Innovation with Patient Capital: Aron D’Souza (Good Super) discusses the evolving role of Australia’s superannuation industry and how it should be more proactive in supporting IT startups. So could the government. www.prosper.org.au
Tax Minimisation No Issue: Karl starts on economic rent theory (the golden egg to monopoly profits) and then Jodie Hutton (dbagroup.com.au) shines some rationality on the potentials for tax dodging. We finish with a discussion on economic rents in the collaborative economy www.prosper.org.au
The Need for Economic Pluralism: Dr Tim Thornton (author ‘The problem with the way we educate economists’ – http://tinyurl.com/pv4zyul) discusses the need for expanding the economists’ tool kit to give alternative perspectives. The interview was prompted by the formation of the International ...
Budgeting for Capital Gains: John Daley (CEO Grattan Institute) analyses the Hockey budget, giving detail on the pro’s and cons of the new economic paradigm. Will this budget assist the wider community’s economic literacy? www.prosper.org.au
Commission Against Corruption: Margo Kingston (nofibs.com.au) discusses the NSW ICAC investigatino that has claimed so many scalps. From outright fraud, to shady shelf companies, current rules can easily be subverted to deliver windfall gains to those who are willing to play the political game of campaign ...
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