: RenegadeEconomists: Episodes

German economic history treat: Prof Dirk Lohr discusses takes us through the evolution of economic thinking before delving into current gentrification and reform issues http://rent-grabbing.com/
Energy Price Gouge: Chris Mardon discusses the privatised Australian energy market and how companies are making profit out of our heatwaves www.earthsharing.org.au
Global Gentrification Game: Jess Wright joins to discuss developments in Scotland and Berlin with her economic eagle eye http://www.extraenvironmentalist.com/2013/12/30/episode-71-supply-shock/
Sounds: Funyz – First World Problems, Dj Signify – Sink or Swim (aesop), El-P Iron Galaxy, Larry Achiampong, Leena Conquest Boundaries, Blind Uncle Gaspard Marksville Blues, Spectrum I’ll be Gone, Sothko Everything is Fine. Spoken samples – Matt Damon, Brian Czech, Russell Brand
2013 Collage: featuring highlights of the year including Terry Dwyer, Steve Keen, Deidre Kent, Michael Hudson, David Richardson (tai.org.au), Jane Frances Kelley (Grattan) and John Jamieson. Playlist on www.earthsharing.org.au soon.
Crony Competition on the road to Unearned Income: Prof Michael Hudson gives a wrap on the economics of 2013 as we discuss Detroit, Iceland, Madoff, Marx and Blackstone Capital. www.michael-hudson.com
China, Canberra Land Link: Bryan Kavanagh discusses the pressures on China’s society to pay the 20%+ increases in the price of land. Who made that value? www.thedepression.org.au
Trans Pacific Protectorate: Anne O’Rourke (Liberty Victoria) discusses the infringements on national sovereignty that intellectual property protection is set to dominate under the latest free trade fiasco. www.prosper.org.au
Investors Win Both Ways: An overview of negative gearing and the misinformation raised every time a reform opportunity arises. Is it ethical for property investors to have so many advantages? www.macrobusiness.com.au
Protectionism for Property Speculators: David Collyer joins to discuss why our predictions were wrong. Then into the new financial weapons of mass deception – rental backed securities. www.prosper.org.au
64,465 empty homes during housing crisis: Speculative Vacancies co-author Paul Egan discusses why the real supply side issue is to do with property speculators. www.prosper.org.au
Government and Privilege: We bounce off Russell Brands ‘revolution’ interview and into the unearned income that owners of government mandated privileges (aka licenses) receive, with analysis of the winners and losers courtesy of Mandy Derk (Vic Taxi Families Assoc). www.earthsharing.org.au
Renovating Housing Policy: Jane-Frances Kelly (grattan.edu.au) discusses the subsidies home owners have over renters. Arm yourself with a wealth of reform tools here on 3CR!
Economic Reform Reality: Author Steve Keen joins to discuss the controversial Nobel Prize for economics amidst commentary on the global property ponzi game, Chinese banking developments and the US debt issue. www.debtdeflation.com
Dual Currency Flows: Author Deidre Kent (neweconomics.net.nz/) joins to discuss the need for dual currencies and land reform. Silvio Gessel’s decaying currency is also featured in this special extended edition. www.earthsharing.org.au
Policy Fronts: Sharna Nolan discusses resource grabbing and forest regeneration in East Africa. Karl then looks at economic policy fronts around the world to maintain the status quo.
The poor to work, the wealthy not: A tribute show to Dr Adrian Wrigley, who died in tragic circumstances earlier this year. We discuss the innovative German policy that could have avoided the radical vacuum that brought Hitler to power. A new perspective to the backing of money. www.systemicfiscalreform.org
The spillover of crime: Development economist Catherine de Fontenay discusses the effect of crime on the wider economy. How can we break the cycle? Music: Leila (& Aphex Twin) – Vordhosbn
To my mind: John Jamieson reports in on the federal conservative victory as we ask if policy inefficiencies can be swept under the rug by the opiate of the masses. www.earthsharing.org.au
Saul Eslake on Housing Policy’s Unequivocal Failure: Leading Australian economist Saul Eslake presents to our 122nd Annual Henry George Commemorative dinner. ‘Those working and saving are subsidising those who borrow and speculate’. www.prosper.org.au
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