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Episode: Real As It Gets 01: Andy Electric Sex Messiah (Interview) 
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<p> <font size="2"></font> <font size="2"> <strong> Show 01: Andy Electric Sex Messiah (Interview)</strong> - Andy is the first artist to be  interviewed on our podcast. He told us how he got the name Electric Sex Messiah for his band while reading an article from a magazine noticing that they were calling Jimi Hendrix the Electric Sex Messiah and that’s how he got the name. Andy was in a bad accident while doing construction at work. He fell in a hole and the dirt basically crushed him where he could hear his bone cracked. He recovered from the accident and still making great music, what an amazing artist. He plugged in two tracks from his MySpace page titled “<em> Smile Demo</em> ” and “<em> April Fools</em> ”. Check out the unique and original rock style from Andy including the sounds of Electric Sex Messiah.</font> </p> <p>  </p> <p> <font size="2"> <strong> Visit artists website at</strong> <a href="http://www.myspace.com/electricsexmessiah" target="_blank"> <font color="#0000ff"> www.myspace.com/electricsexmessiah</font> </a> </font> </p>
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