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Episode: PadCast #7: Thunder & Lightning 
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So just to start things off… he didn’t call.

But I DID call him. Thank you very much. So that was one text message and one phone call on my part… and NOTHING on his part.

Men suck.

Anyway… I’ve been gone for a while so in today’s podcast, I talk about the fact that men suck (sorry men!), the creep from the Oscar Party, the huge thunderstorms that hit Chicago (some of which you can hear during the podcast!), my crazy dad, and a few other things to tempt your ear buds.

So with that, I’m going to bed, because there is nothing I like better than sleeping while rain is hitting the windowpanes and thunder and lightning are flashing and crashing around me.

Thank goodness I have the kitties to keep me company.


Thunder and Lightning: Chi Coltrane (Best of Chi Coltrane, only available on Amazon.com)

Thunder and Lightning: Phil Collins (Face Value, available on iTunes)


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