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Earlier this year, RN Breakfast brought you a story about a national competition by award winning singer songwriter Josh Arnold, who was looking to immortalise a small town in song and video.
This morning on RN Breakfast we reflected on the truly shocking evidence that's been presented at the Ballarat hearings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.
At least 17 people were killed on Mount Everest when an earthquake struck Nepal last month.
David Letterman, the longest serving night-time talk show host in US TV history, will be watched for the final time on the Late Show tonight.
Storytelling of exploration, Indigenous cultures and the natural world through photography.
To most of us, Ballarat is known as an historic gold rush town.
South-east Asian nations have finally reached an emergency deal on the estimated 7,000 migrants stranded on abandoned people smuggling boats in the Andaman Sea.
The Ten Network's Paul Bongiorno joins RN Breakfast from our Parliament House studio to discuss the latest developments in politics.
The former state member for Ballarat South, Frank Sheehan, considers himself a lucky man.
The latest news from the world of sport with Francis Leach.
The ABC's daily morning current affairs program hosted by Michael Brissenden.
The latest finance news here and abroad with Simon Frazer.
It's estimated truck drivers are fourteen times more likely to die on the job than the average Australian employee.
Support for the Federal Government's proposed pension reforms could be wavering, following new research showing more retirees than first thought will lose out by the changes.
After decades of wrangling, pressure continues to build for a national scheme for recycling bottles and cans.
The latest news from the world of sport with Francis Leach.
Pressure is growing on Cardinal George Pell to give evidence to the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse.
A daily wrap of the print media.
The recent executions of Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran in Indonesia has re-focussed public debate over enforcing the death penalty, particularly for drug traffickers.
Australians are fighting in Syria and Iraq - both for and against Islamic State.
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