R3TV - CBC Radio 3 Video Podcast: Episodes

Come witness dojos from around the world compete in the 4th Annual Cardboard Karate Competition. Karatekas include The PACK AD, Wintermitts and Weekend Leisure. Home competetitors: start with looseleaf and then work your way up.
May's X3 Artist of the Month, The Pack A.D., give us a quick and dirty look into their touring van, the Millenium Falcon.
A look at the books that inspire bands; D.O.A.'s Joe "Shithead" Keithley reads classics for girls.
A huge music festival like SXSW can be dangerous, even fatal, to beginners. R3 producer Chris Kelly presents this tutorial on how to be at SXSW.
Only 20% of Canadians now inhabit areas considered "rural". Are we losing touch with the land? This episode explores the many and varied beauties of the vastness we call Canada. Featuring "The Ballad of The RAA", by The Rural Alberta Advantage.
A man, a journey, a journal... Craig Norris allows the R3TV camera unprecedented access to his personal reflections on the 2010 East Coast Music Awards, as recorded in his personal diary.
Highlights of the recent large winter sporting event in Vancouver, as seen through the cracked lens of the R3TV cameras.
From Astronomy to Zoology, the world of science is as vast as it is deep. Prepare yourself for a rapid-fire image bonanza inspired by fond memories of dissecting a pickled pig in seventh grade. Set to the soothing sounds of MSTRKRFT's "1000 Cigarettes".
Vancouver's runaway success story Dan Mangan sits down with R3TV to talk about music, milestones, and makin' it. Featuring an exclusive recent live performance of Mangan's "Road Regrets" at CBC Vancouver's Studio One.
Ashleigh Ball of Hey Ocean! gives the R3 camera unprecedented access for a shocking revelation of how a vocalist can make money off-stage.
This week, Junior Boys are supporting the journey that is Mimeography with their song "What It's For".
A glimpse into the act that can make your day simply taste better: play. What is it good for? Absolutely everything. Featuring "This City's a Mess" by Said the Whale. HD version.
A motion picture made of stills depicting motion. You will be moved. Featuring "Run" by Shout Out Out Out Out.
An inside look at one travelling musician's life, and how touring affects both his relationships and his music. Featuring Vancouver's Baba Brinkman.
Retro: because there's no time like the present to talk about the past. Features the song "Beyond the River" by The Cansecos.
A snapshot of the glorious season that sometimes gives us a day off, featuring music by The Cold Hands of God.
Shadowland is everywhere; it follows us around. Shadow is to seeing as silence is to sound. Features the song "Courtship Dating" by Crystal Castles.
The 2009 Bucky Awards video extravaganza, hosted by Grant Lawrence and featuring guest appearances by some of Canada's best-loved indie musicians.
We all watch all of us, here in mirror world, where the cameras all point both ways. Features the song "They Got Cameras In Their Pockets" by Whitey Houston.
Dan Moxon – the creative mind behind Bend Sinister – takes his camera with him every time the band ventures out, and R3TV is all the luckier for it.
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